There's Some Blizzard On Your Face.


February 12, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

My new article is up on the City Wire. You should check it out.

Yesterday I had planned on doing a bunch of stuff early to prevent being pinned down by weather. Unfortunately, Le Duke had plans of his own. And they involved me sitting on the phone talking to galleries. Lame.

So, I called galleries. And it sucked and then I split. I still managed to get the things that I wanted to get moved moved somehow. I got all of Pancake Land’s crafting stuff moved. I got the television moved. I got the loveseat and bed moved with Jackie the Mick’s help.

Work stuff, check.

TV, check.

Bed, check.

We can totally stay here.

And we did. We had our first official night in the new and improved Holliday Island. It was very weird. The place is a mess. I need to do some serious organizing in my kitchen so that we can actually cook in there. I picked up a microwave that also grills (weird), a toaster, and some food stuffs last night so that we could survive the weekend. The one thing that I forgot, and I realized it this morning, is the coffee pot. It is still at Lippincottonia. And my giant crock pot. And my coffee cup. And most of the coffee. Lame. That is how I plan to spend the morning. Fetching small stuff. I need to go to work for a little bit, but other than lunch with Word to Me, my plans are pretty much moving stuff oriented.

This weekend the plan is to move the last little bit of stuff and to start the crazy cleaning/organizing frenzy. Pancake Land had a pretty good idea about setting a date for a house warming party in order to ensure that we have the box emptying done in a timely fashion. She’s pretty smart. She’s pretty and smart.

Anyways, I talked to some of my Philly pals about the conditions up there and they said that if we could have made it the hotel, which is right next to the convention center, without freezing to death on the side of the turnpike, we would have been fine. Half of me really wanted to go and half of me wanted to stay here, so I am only half bummed out to not be there.

One thing that I had planned to do up in Philly was to visit this store that sells only kitchen gadgets and utensils. I had a 20 dollar bill in my pocket for just that store. I was determined to buy myself a present. Since I did not go, Teacher Sis and went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I bought myself presents there. Ah… kitchen toys. You see them soon enough I’m sure.

Well, I’m off to find the coffee pot. More soon. ~SC


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