Your Choices For Breakfast Are Beef Ramen Or Soft Tacos.


February 10, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Okay, so I do have time to post this morning. Mainly because I am super efficient when I want to be. It also doesn’t hurt that I forgot to eat breakfast and the only things open is McDonald’s and Taco Bell. Unfortunately, McDonald’s doesn’t start serving breakfast until after 4am. Oh, yeah, it’s like 3:45am right now by the way. So, my choices are

1) Wait for McDonald’s to start serving breakfast. Or…

2) Eat at Taco Bell. Or…

3) Eat the package of Beef Ramen that I have at the house.

Ooh. Tough decision. It’s like picking which rattlesnake you want to get bitten by. Either way it comes out the same in the end.

My lack of sleep and sustenance and coffee makes me an even more terrible typist, so this is taking forever to say anything. By the time I get get this typed, McDonald’s will at least be serving something that resembles breakfast food. Mmm… sausage biscuits.

So, yesterday I was checking the weather to see what it’s going to be like in Philadelphia this week and I was informed that the weather for yesterday was Light Snow, Mainly Later. Today’s forecast they summed up in one word: Blizzard. Literally. Great. This just means that in addition to making my packages that we shipped Monday take longer to get there, it will probably take me longer to get there as well. Awesome. Dallas Airport here I come.

Just a head’s up to anybody who might pop over to the new house to take a peak at it, I put the dogs over there this morning. I figured now was as good a time as any to get them used to it. Anyway, be careful because Nami is an asshole and she might try to bite you. If she does, do not hesitate to punch her in the face. She may be really big and intimidating looking, but she is scared of her own shadow. It’s a Great Dane thing.

You know who I miss? Pancake Land. Leaving town is stupid.

Well, I’m off to Mickey D’s and then to the city of brotherly love. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Word To Me says:

    So my son who calls me almost every day didn’t even call to tell me he was leaving, yet the baby brother has kept me posted pretty much every step of his trip…I have the list for the food bank I can e-mail Brenda. No one answered the phone last night and I don’t have her e-mail address.

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