March 27, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

But only in the ridiculously cute kind of way.

So we ended up getting 4 six week old kittens. Two are blue and two are gray with black. It appears that one of the parents might have been a Siamese. Pancake Land and I decided that naming them scientifically was the best way to do it seeing as how in six weeks we have to return them. So we opted for alphabetical, like hurricanes. Ah, irony. So, we have:

Sadly, Cheyenne has an upper respiratory infection and will probably have to go back to the Humane Society until she gets better. We actually almost got 5, but another one was sick. Which means that when we go to get Cheyenne back, Edward or Edgar or Erica or Estelle will be coming back with us.


Currently, Pancake Land is asleep and I am on what I like to call Pussy Control. I tried to find the song for you, to no avail. You’ll have to listen to it from your own record collection.

Well, today is a a day that I have given over to my compulsion to make a lot of pizza. I had a dream one night that I made a lot of pizza and since then I have had a deep urge to make giant, decadent pizzas. I bought enough crust to make 8 pizzas. Hopefully 8 will quell the urge. So, that being said, if you want to swing by and eat a slice, just call me. I’ll be prepping and cooking all day. That and trying to keep the kittens remembering where their shitter is.

Well, I need to go start dicing shallots and frying bacon. More soon. ~SC


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