Doing The Time Warp Again.


March 14, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Daylight savings time always screws me up. I think I am getting up at 7:45am and it is 8:45am. Lame.

More tossing and turning last night. More Papa Sandwiches for breakfast this morning. You gotta take the bad with a little good. Something about the Facts of Life or making medicine go down smoother or something.

Yesterday was a good day. I scored a bunch more goodies for the house. Teacher Sis and I went to Der Staples and Le Target to hit the clearance sections and ended up walking away with some great scores. I got a pocket charger for my iPod, a ticket spindle for the kitchen (I’ll explain more later), and an 18 piece lidded Pyrex cookware set. I also Jedi Mind Tricked the girl at Starbucks into filling up my coffee cup for free. More coffee, just what I needed.

Let me explain the ticket spindle for the kitchen really quickly. Pancake Land and I jokingly talked about decorating the pass through in the kitchen with a ticket system like an old school fry cook at a diner would have. That way she could be in the living room, think of something she wanted to eat, write out her order (I’m going to make her learn diner shorthand), put in the ticket, and since I will be chained to the flat top, I’ll make it for her to order. I’ve now acquired the spindle, i.e. the metal spike that you impale completed tickets on. All that is left is the bell which I ring and yell “Order up!” and the spinner for multiple tickets.

Yesterday, I “seasoned” the cabinet doors in the kitchen. They just look dusty now. They have also been relabeled with most of the contents of said cabinets, in chalk this time rather than those stupid bistro markers.

Today is bean day. As soon as I get this bad boy of a post published, I will be heading back to the kitchen to start prepping the beans for tonight’s dinner service. Yesterday, I also acquired a little waffle iron to make the corn bread in. It was an idea I had a while back. Since the waffle iron was on clearance for $12, I had to get it. I thought it was quite fortuitous that the day before I need to make cornbread I end up finding the waffle iron that I have been drooling over on clearance for cheap. It was my destiny. Just as it is my destiny to one day be Shogun. The Shogun who makes cornbread waffles for his beans.

Not to give away too many of my secret ingredients to my competitors, but I am going to be using smoked pork hocks to season my beans. Pork hocks are roughly the ankle of the pig and are usually from the hind legs. I cannot say for certain, much to my dismay, whether the hocks in the fridge are from the fore or hind legs. I can only imagine that they are from the front of this poor pig bastard since they are relatively small. Plus, a lot of people eat the rear ones. Smoke the front ones, eat the rear ones. Slow cook them with a little fennel and rosemary, add a little garlic and lemon and you are ready to go. Serve them German family style with sauerkraut and horseradish potatoes. Yum-meee!

I’m not even hungry and that sounds good.

Anyway, it’s later than I want it to be and if we are going to eat these beans today, I’m going to have to actually cook them. More soon. ~SC

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  1. TeacherSis says:

    Happy “Pi” Day! and Happy Birthday to my friend Al (as in Einstein). Oh and now I want beans and cornbread too. thanks.

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