I Am Great, I Give Me The Chocolate Cake.


March 19, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Holy cow so much to talk about this morning.

First off, Happy Anniversary to all of you. Today is the official one year anniversary of Sandwich Control. We are a year old. I had chocolate cake for breakfast to celebrate. I know that it is kind of taboo to talk about stats, but I just wanted to share them with you because I find them fascinating. As of 7:05am Central Standard time we have had:

11, 995 Views

339 Posts

205 Approved Comments

867 SPAM Comments

and 1,003 images uploaded.

All that in one year. That’s just a little perspective for you. I think it is awesome. So, anyway, um, Happy Anniversary! Go eat some chocolate cake to celebrate.

Next on the agenda is this week’s article for the City Wire. It is online and you can see it here.

Okay, what next. Ah, yes. Last night, Pancake Land asked me how much I love her.

“What unit of measurement would you like that answer in?”

“What do mean?”

“I mean are talking volume, distance, mass? What?”

“Mass, I guess.”

“Well, then I love you a metric fuck ton.”

“Hmm, what about in volume of M&Ms?”

“Oh, um, I would have to say 260 Trillion brown M&Ms.”

“Wow, that’s more than would fit in the house.”

“You think?”

This is where the quest to discover how many M&Ms would fit inside the living area of our house began. Surprisingly she beat me to the answer. I had some errors in converting from area into volume. Anyway, she got close to the answer and so I joined her team in finding the correct answer. Turns out that we had both forgotten that M&Ms are not perfect little cubes and thereby displace 32% of the space around them. That is to say that if you were pour M&Ms into a jar, only 68% of the jar’s space would be filled. After we calculated that into our formula, then we got somewhere in the 280 million M&M range. I don’t remember the exact number, but she has it on her computer. I’ll have her send it to me later and I’ll update with the exact number. Just an interesting note, there are on average 340 Million M&Ms produced daily. At that rate, it would take 2095 years to produce enough M&Ms to equal the 260 Trillion that is my love for Pancake Land. She’s so dreamy. Sigh.

Anyways. Boy, am I tired of working on this sidewalk. The good news is that we should finish it up today. Huzzah!

It is Friday and that means lunch with Word to Me. I don’t know about you, but I could go for some tacos.

Last night, Teacher Sis and I went out to the Books-a-Million and I picked up a couple of crossword puzzle books by Will Shortz. Hey, they were on clearance. I also had to give in and impulse buy a magnet that reads “What Would Julia Do?”. It makes me want to hunt down one of those WWJD? bracelets and start rocking one of those again.

“I do whatever I think J.C. would do in a situation like this.”

“J.C.? Are you talking about Jesus Christ?”

“That hippie? Nah, man. I’m talking about Julia Child. Jeez. What a weirdo. Don’t you know anything?”

Ah, the joys of creating little scenarios in my head. Enough of this silliness. I need to go to work and finish the damned sidewalk. Oh, just a little heads up for those of you are interested (and not under a self-inflicted book buying ban) they have First Editions of the Amy Sedaris book I Like You on clearance for $8. If someone happened to give me one as a finder’s fee, I would not turn it down. Hint, hint.

Anywho, I’m outta here. More soon. ~SC


  1. Pancake Land says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Pancake Land says:

    Oh, and it was 282,171,143 M&M’s we calculated.

  3. Word to Me says:

    I like chocolate cake.

  4. TeacherSis says:

    I still think we should calculate how many peanut M&Ms next…then go buy them.

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