I Think Bret Michaels Needs To Bitch Slap Your Face.


March 20, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

First off, I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to my Gramma B. Those of you out there who are akin to me, should wish her one as well.

Also, Happy Vernal Equinox! Spring is here. Not that you could tell by looking around here. It is cold and rainy today.

I am getting around slowly today. Between Pancake Land waking me up at 4:30am and then nursing her this morning, I have barely found time to get my beans cooking. That’s right, tonight is the Beans-and-Cornbread-Off. My beans are currently resting and will be crock potted very soon. I had planned on getting up early and doing a bunch of stuff, but alas, no. I haven’t even had my coffee this morning. That’s how much I care about all of you. Posting before coffee.

Luckily, I seasoned my cast iron skillet last night. Yes, I spend my Friday nights seasoning skillets. Oh, and re-icing cakes. I bought a Triple Chocolate Creme cake at WalMart* the other day and the bastards are barely icing the things anymore. They used to be drizzle from foot to shoulder with three kinds of chocolate. Now just the shoulder is chocolated. Jerks. So, I bought a jar of chocolate icing and covered the cake properly. Sure, it may look like shit, but it tastes delicious.

Well, I’d love to stay and chat, but I’m behind as it is and if I don’t get coffee soon one of those damned squawking parakeets is going to get choked to death. More soon. ~SC


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