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March 29, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

And a good morning to you. Today is that Monday day again and I feel like a lazy bum waking up at 8am. Especially after doing it for the past three days. It is the weirdest thing, not that I don’t love spending the days with Pancake Land, but I am ready to go back to work. I feel very unaccomplished right now. This must be how it feels to be retired. Note to self, don’t retire.

Well, the kittens seem to be adjusting well. And by that I mean doing whatever they want. Cheyenne is feeling a little better today. Not well enough to scale the fence around the KCC, but well enough to want to come out and walkabout a little. Sure she coughs and wheezes while she’s walking around, but it beats when she was bedridden.

In honor of this final day off this “weekend”, I told Pancake Land that I’d spend the day with her doing stuff. In promising this to her, she, because she is smarter than I am, somehow tricked me into leaving my phone turned off so that we will be undisturbed throughout the entirety of our day together. I don’t have to turn it off until she gets up, but once she does, you’ll go straight to voicemail. I’m telling you this so no one will get butt hurt or worry that I fell into a ravine or anything.

Last night, when I returned home from Teacher Sis’s house from the family dinner, Pancake Land was watching Fried Green Tomatoes. God, I love that movie. I confessed to P.L. that when I was younger, I had the biggest crush on Mary Stuart Masterson simply because of her wardrobe choice in that movie. She dressed how I wanted to dress, like a man from the 1920s. Between her wardrobe in FGT and her performance in Benny and Joon, I was smitten. Mainly because in Benny and Joon, Johnny Depp gets the girl by dressing not unlike a man from the 1920s. Observe:

I don’t really care for how WordPress chose to display those images, but what am I gonna do? You get the point and that’s all that really matters.

Well, I am gonna go do some stuff, and look at some stuff, and think about some stuff. Maybe, I’ll import this audiobook of The Hobbit onto my iPod. Nice.

I just found out that Cara’s is offering their first cooking class this coming weekend. I am going to go sign up before it is too late. More soon. ~SC


  1. Word to Me says:

    Happy Birthday! Cara also sent you a Happy Golden Birthday!

  2. TeacherSis says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

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