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March 21, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

It is friggin’ snowing. And it has been since last night. First day of Spring, my ass.

Last night the Beans-and-Cornbread-Off got postponed due to Shamrock getting too sick to make the trip. I suspect it was pretty bad from the tone in which Nicky the Cook talked about it. Like gross sick. Anyway, I’ll let you know when the cook-off is back on. My guess is that it will not be until next month, but you never know.

So, since it was snowing and I had a whole pot of beans made, Pancake Land and I laid around and watched movies. We watched Time Traveler’s Wife and Lymelife. They were both pretty good. I do have to say that Lymelife starred two of the younger Culkins, which is awesome any way you look at it.

Today, since I am relatively trapped in the house, I will be doing a little cleaning and I will be working on this week’s article. I might watch a little bit of Angel at some point, as well. Oh, and eat something. Don’t forget that. I might take the time to organize my files. You know files, like in a file cabinet. I have this mountain of paperwork on my desk that needs to be filed. Since we moved in to the new house it has just been building and building. Now I feel a little claustrophobic when I’m sitting at my desk checking emails or whatnot.

So let’s see:





Eat Something

Well that should keep me occupied for most of the day. I’m sure I’ll find something to do if I run out of things to keep me out of trouble. Or Pancake Land will find me something to do. She’s really good about finding stuff for me to do. It keeps me out of her hair.

I should probably take a shower at some point today. Especially, after I get done cleaning. (insert sound of shuttering at thought of one’s own grossness)

Well, I need to get to it. Throw a snow ball for me. More soon. ~SC


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