Tetris Champions, 2010, Philadelphia.


March 6, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

As a testament to how awesome Taco Planet and I are in the packing department at Mudpuppy, consider this little tale of a traveler. And use this as a soundtrack.

On February 8, 2010 nine boxes of pottery were packed and shipped to Philadelphia, PA. On Wednesday the 10th of February the shipments were canceled and scheduled to be returned to Mudpuppy. On February 19, 2010 eight of the nine packages arrived safely back at Mudpuppy headquarters in Lippincottonia. One lone package did not make it back. Apparently it was delayed in Memphis and would arrive shortly. So they said. The following Monday, the lone package, which we shall call Box 9, was tracked and was found to be on its way back to Philadelphia. “That’s strange.” I thought. On the following day, despite my best attempts at keeping the package from being delivered, a Teamster named Mike signed for the package at the convention center. The package was delivered. After many phone calls and transfers between departments, Box 9 was located in the convention center and held in the Teamsters office in order for our shipping company to pick it up after the call tag was issued. Yesterday, after almost a month on the road, Box 9 made its way home to Lippincottonia, where I gladly signed for it. There was no hope for the contents of the box. You can only pack pottery so well. Rarely, but it happens, a piece will be break in transit from Point A to Point B. We have never packed anything to go from Point A to Point B, then back to A, then back to B, and finally back to A again. I mean, the box has been gone a month and countless numbers of handlers have no doubt chunked it onto sorting tables and into planes and delivery trucks. So, yesterday, I open the box to take count of the number of broken pieces in order to file a claim with our shipper. Much to my surprise, nothing was broken. This can only be attributed to our superior Soviet packing skills. Fear us.

Today, I have no plans. Yet. I need to return Nami’s anti-bark collar and with that money buy something that is actually helpful, a cordless drill. We still have a ton of art to hang up. I also need to clean house a little in the event that Nanny and Papa swing by to see the new house. I also need to do a little more research for next week’s article.

Le Duke and I are slowly solidifying a plan to go to the ever dangerous Ikea to pick up some things for La Duchess and my new house. I need to now when for certain in order to save up as much coin as I can for the shopping binge that will occur as soon as I set foot in the store.

Teacher Sis just called from the floor of the a local Anime Convention. The only she could say was “Oh my f**king God!”. I tried to warn her.

Anyway, I have already received worried phone calls concerning the whereabouts of today’s post, so I’d better get it posted ere the world ends. More soon. ~SC

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  1. TeacherSis says:

    I don’t know that I will ever be the same…..They really need to invent eye bleach.

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