The Ides Of March.


March 15, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Right out of the gates this morning, I want to wish a Happy Birthday to Krahli. You should wish him one, too.

Okay, so cornbread waffles, not as cool as I had hoped. Unlike waffle batter, cornbread batter doesn’t rise a whole lot. Plus, they did not want to release that well from the iron. So, we ended up with waffles that were perfectly shaped and dark golden on the bottom and malformed and yellow on the top. It will take a little tweaking to get it to work properly, but rest assured that I will.

The cool part of yesterday’s cooking experiments was that the waffles were quite functional. They may have looked like crap, but they worked well for beans. Also, the beans rocked. I think for the competition this weekend I will end up using cheesecloth or pantyhose to store the pork hocks while they cook so they won’t fall apart. There were some bone issues. Other than the random bits of bones, the beans rocked. Let’s hope I can reproduce this for next weekend.

Today is Monday. The time change is still messing with me. For example, it is dark outside right now. Plus, despite the fact that I went to bed at like 9:45pm last night, I am still tired this morning. This tossing and turning all night is for the birds.

To the best of my knowledge, I will be grinding/packing/shipping today. That is the process by which I pull pots from the kiln, grind their rough bottoms, sort them into their respective orders, then pack and ship those orders to their designated galleries. Plus, I might have dishes by this evening. Finally the ability to eat off of something other than a Dixie plate.

The best part of today is the new SModCast. I am also going to give the new podcasts via the View Askewniverse a whirl. Plus, I threw a little Mozart for Monday Morning on my iPod just in case. I have so much music that I just discover albums all the time that I never knew I had. It’s scary sometimes.

Well, I’m off to work. More soon. ~SC


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