The Sweetest Sound In The World.


March 18, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Is the sound that make coffee pot makes to let me know that coffee is ready for consumption. It is sort of a cross between gurgling and hissing. Not to mention the steam coming out of the top of the coffee maker. Between the sound and the steam, the coffee pot is clearly calling out to me. I can usually time it so that as I am taking the second to last bite of breakfast, the coffee pot will signal its readiness.

Yes, this is what I do first thing in the morning. Believe me, if you establish a strong enough routine, you can do it on auto-pilot without being awake. It works out well for me lately because I am practically a zombie first thing in the mornings these days. I do have to say that I have slept much better since we have started sleeping with the fan on. Less tossing and turning anyway. Although, I do keep having weird dreams.

The other day, when Teacher Sis and I were at Le Target, they had these huge rabbit decals on their front doors. When I say huge I mean like 1m² in size. Anyway, we had devised a plan so that I could steal one of them. She would act as a decoy by running up and down the main aisle with her phone to her ear screaming “My babies! My babies!” (Zaxxon, Dave, and Blatzy know what’s up.) and while everyone was staring at her in shock and amazement I would be removing the giant bunny decal from the front door relatively unnoticed. Why do I need a square meter sized bunny decal? For my giant front window of course. That way instead of looking into my house, the people across the street would just stare at the giant bunny that’s there long after all the eggs have been found.

There is a chance we will going back out to Le Target city tonight for a book run at the Books-a-Million. I know, I know. I am under a book ban. This ban does not, however, prevent me from buying myself a book of crossword puzzles by Will Shortz. I am banned from buying books for reading, not books for doing mind exercises. Isn’t rationalization a beautiful thing sometimes. Anyways, point being, we will be in the area and we might go all black-ops and initiate “Operation Rubber Baby Bunny”. I just made that up. Sounds pretty good though, right?

So, do you remember yesterday when I told you it was supposed to rain and therefore I would be spared sidewalk grouting duty? Well, it didn’t rain. And I worked on the sidewalk, but not before the clay truck showed up and I got to unload it by myself. Luckily, Taco Planet showed up as I was unloading it into the studio. The only thing that saved yesterday as a work day was the ice cream cones that I got Taco Planet and myself at the end of the day. We have been working on this stupid sidewalk for like two weeks and it just dawned on me yesterday that we are right by the Braum’s. Ice cream cones are like a $1.25. I was pleased with the cost because I had expected them to cost more.

It looks like today will be a warm one, which means more sidewalk work. The good news is that we are almost done with the damned thing. If we can get the rest of the stone stuck down today, then we can grout it tomorrow and be done with it. Well, I had better get to it. More soon. ~SC


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