Wait, Who's House Is This?


March 4, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Our house is coming together, finally. The weird part is that it is coming together in the form of someone else’s house. After deliberating about the confusion, Pancake Land and I realized that there is only thing in our current living room that was in our former living room. Most of the stuff belongs to us, so it is not that it is totally foreign, but it is weird having it in the living room. This is part of the reason for the strange feeling. Another part is the influx of new stuff. The end tables, Lord Chester Buttingworth the Third, the lamps, the ottoman, the built in bookcase, all of it is new and strange to us. It is like living in someone’s house while they are away on vacation or something.

I got to bed late last night. I got up late this morning. I am running behind today. I am going to have to cut this short, since I just realized that I still need to fine tune my article before I send it to my editor and then go to work. Awesome. Here’s a giant dog butthole to make things right in the world.

That is one giant butthole.

More soon. ~SC


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