You're Out Of Your Element Donny.


March 17, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I love being a grown up, sometimes. What do grown ups do when they run out of cereal? They make bacon and eggs for breakfast. On a Wednesday. Bacon and egg sandwiches, even.

Snagglepuss, even.

I feel deliriously weird this morning. Like at any second I might just start laughing hysterically. I’m also, if you hadn’t noticed, very stream of consciousness driven. What next? You ask. Well, I’ll probably drink this cup of coffee and hopefully make a poop before I go to work. Looks like rain today. Hopefully I’ll get a break from working on the stone sidewalk. Maybe stay inside. Do a little window sill sitting. Gaze longingly out the rain covered screen. Sigh.

I had to stop for a second and take a WalMart* survey. Maybe I’ll have a chicken sandwich for lunch. That will be nice. Maybe leftover beans. You never know with me.

One second I’m thinking about lunch the next I’m looking at pictures of Star Trek crew members.

Bones, Jim, Spock.

I can’t handle this. This morning is too insane for me. I’m going to work. More soon. ~SC


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