A Cut Above.


April 18, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday Teacher Sis and I participated in the second round of cooking classes at Cara’s. The class was a knife skills class and surprisingly, no one cut themselves. We learned all sorts of different types of cuts and walked away with two knives and the proper way to sharpen them. Let’s see, we learned to do two different kinds of dice, allumette, brunoise, chiffonade, oblique, bayonet, and julienne. What we ended up doing was cutting a lot of vegetables for a stew of sorts. Each vegetable got a different kind of cutting treatment. The fresh basil got chiffonade. The bell pepper got brunoise. The carrots got allumette. The potatoes got a large dice. And so on. And so on. Overall, we had a blast.

Today’s agenda is a little more laid back. At some point I need to pick up some vintage suits from the Papa Wombat. I also need to make some pancakes for their namesake. Maybe I’ll make some sausage, too. I think I am supposed to have dinner or coffee with Babbylon Tim later today as well.

I don’t really have any deep thoughts or funny stories today. This weekend had been a very “turn-your-brain-off” kind of weekend. It has been very nice.

I guess at some point I need to do a little bit of recon for my upcoming article. Maybe I’ll do that when I go get the suits. And like that, one errand becomes two. This is what happens when you are handsome and industrious.

Well, without further ado, I’m off to do stuff. More soon. ~SC

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  1. TeacherSis says:

    What cut did our fingernails get??? Was that official or just a freebie of the day?

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