House. Boat. House And Boat. House. House. Boat. Boat. House And Boat.


April 21, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

The title should be sung to the tune of that immortal hit by DJ Assault. You know the one. It goes like this.

This is Pancake Land’s current obsession. Not singing House and Boat, but house boats. She is obsessed with idea that you can just unhook your house and go. That and being able to fish from the comfort of your bed. It is one thing to be able to fish from your back deck, but it is an entirely different creature to fish from your bed. Some of the house boats she was looking at last night were quite, well, house like. Like if I showed you pictures of the inside of the house, you would have no idea it was a boat. I told her that I had no problems with living in a house boat. Well, just as long as she did not mind the fact that I would always be wearing a life vest. I thought it was a fair compromise.

“I vow to endanger my life in a permanent and horrifying way in exchange for the ability to wear a personal flotation device at all times.”

She thinks that I would get over having to wear one within a week of being on the house boat. I am not so sure. I can envision myself sleeping in my p.f.d., and showering in it, and eating breakfast in it, and so on…

I know this obsession will pass like all the rest. It would not be so bad to live on a house boat, though. But, from time to time, Pancake Land needs to be obsessed about things, and I let her. Not that I could stop her. It is just better to accept it. Plus, it gives me something to write about.

You know what is hard work? Building a roof. I don’t mean putting shingles on the top of a house, I mean constructing the actual part of the house which the shingles will sit on. Imagine, if you will, creating an elaborate maze of two by fours, while atop a house, and then having to manuever through the maze while you enclose the structure to the outside elements. Oh, I forgot to mention the sun and its downpour of radiation and ultraviolet light. Needless to say, I am sore today. Luckily, I think I am Lippincottonia bound today. There is a kiln that needs to be emptied and ground and orders to be shipped out. Plus, I think the rain is going to hold off until tonight. Maybe I’ll be able to finish spray painting that lawn furniture.

On that note, I should probably get to work. More soon. ~SC


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