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April 29, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

If there is one problem that Pancake Land and I face on nearly a daily basis, it’s the “What should we have for dinner?” problem. Well, after saying to each other “There’s got to be a better way!”, a solution finally appeared to us. Well, it appeared to Pancake Land, who promptly showed it to me. Before I unveil this to you, let me just say that if any of you readers out there suffer through the same dilemma almost every night, then at last you can have a little peace. The solution is a website. It is called What the Fuck Should I Make For Dinner dot Com or W-T-F-S-I-M-F-D for all you text-messagers out there. Not only is it helpful, but it is also hilarious. It will tell you what to make for dinner and point you to the recipe. All that you have to do is make the fucking dinner. Brilliant.

Yesterday, I painted pedestals all day. Surprisingly, since I did absolutely no heavy lifting, my back hurts. It started hurting last night and it still hurts this morning. Oh, I foresee moving a lot of brick in my future. Or at least lugging a bunch of clay to make tile.

Pancake Land showed me another website yesterday that I find really helpful. It is called Wordle. It is geared toward all you writers out there. Whether you are writing a daily web log or typing essays for school or writing silly articles about local restaurants, this website will tell you the frequency by which you use words. For example, up until this point, in recent history, I have used the word… (drum roll, please.)… “kittens” the most. Oh, that’s depressing. I can’t handle that right now. Ahem, moving on.

It’s funny, when the idea to buy Pancake Land a camera as an early Birthday present first came up, we both thought that I would end up using it more than her, but she is all about the camera. She has been really good about using it everyday, so far, and learning how to operate all of the millions of different settings. I realize now that I am not a photographer. I take photos, but I am not a photographer. My photos will rarely, if ever, be more than very high resolution snapshots. I am okay with that. My photos capture what I want them to capture. They don’t need to be more than that. I am proud that my little Pancake Land is becoming a photographer. I am excited for her. Unfortunately, for me, it means that I cannot hide behind the camera at social events anymore. I went and got myself replaced. Well, for now. The job will come back to me when she gets tired of being a slave of the camera, thereby forfeiting fun time.

The time has come again to part ways and get our lazy asses to work. More soon. ~SC

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  1. me says:

    We went to the humane society to look for Spoke, who has most stupidly gone awol, just as a woman walked in to pick up Dexter.

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