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April 26, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

My brain is still in bed asleep. Just my body is up and drinking coffee. Holy crap, I am a sleepy boy. And relatively uninspired this morning. Let’s see, what is going on? Well, today is our last day with our kittens. Tomorrow at 9am they go back to the Humane Society. What a total downer this is. I am trying to be the strong one here, but it is tough. I like my little babies. I’m going to miss them. It makes me a little sad to see them go. Granted, come Wednesday morning and I don’t have to empty a box of shit first thing in the morning, I’ll be pretty excited about not having kittens. Plus, there is always the chance that we’ll end up adopting one or more of them.

Enough of this depressing stuff, let’s talk about something else. I went bargain hunting with Teacher Sis yesterday. I realize now how many buying bans I have put on myself. I can’t buy books until I read most of the ones I have. I can’t buy t-shirts until destroy almost all of the ones I own. I can’t buy craft stuff until I get my office built and start working on crafts again. Surprisingly, I fought through all of those bans and scored a really nice camera bag for Pancake Land’s new camera. I found it on clearance at Der Staples for $12.99. After whipping out our most recent Rewards check, I ended up spending 64¢ on the camera bag. Does the camera fit in the bag? Like a glove. This means that I can take back the other bag I bought, which just so happens to be too small.

Today is Monday and I happen to know that Le Duke has an arm-length to-do list awaiting me in Lippincottonia. I stopped by there yesterday to drop off his wheel barrow that I borrowed for my garden renovations. I also got started on making a round of mugs for some friends of Babbylon Tim up in the north lands. I was working on mugs, when the opportunity to run around with Teacher Sis presented itself. Work on the weekend? Nah. I quit school cuz of recess.

Luckily, I have a new SModcast to get me through the first 37 minutes of today. It’s a short one this week. It’s better than not one at all. The rest of the day will be spent listening to Wicked and the new Gogol Bordello (which is released tomorrow). I think I am having lunch with Babbylon Tim today. I need to call him to confirm that. More than likely we will be having Chinese. Hopefully there will be pork dumplings. Mmm… pork dumplings.

Well, I had better go wake my brain up and get it ready for work. More soon. ~SC


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