That Sh*ts Are Good.


April 15, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday was a crazy day. I had been working for about half an hour yesterday morning, when Le Duke called and asked me to check on when La Duchess’s flight to Minnesota was to leave. So I go in the house, find her lappie, dig through her emails for an itinerary, find one, and call Le Duke back.

“Found it.”

“Cool. When does her flight leave?”


“Oh. What time is it now?”



“I’ll wake her up and take her to the airport.”

“Thank you.”

And so I did. I woke her up and while she was getting dressed/packing a suitcase, I was making tea and toast and trying to print boarding passes. Needless to say that the perfect storm of circumstances conspired against us. We made it to the airport about three minutes too late all because of the slow ass printer and a guy driving his pick up truck 20mph.

Why didn’t you pass him? You are wondering.

Maybe it was the cop following me. Maybe it was my sense of irony. Who knows.

Anyways, we got her re-booked on the next flight for which she was delivered to early and made it to Minnesota. Of course the subsequent phone calls about things she forgot was good times and giving the scatterbrained nature of the rest of the day, some of it got taken care of and the rest got forgotten.

One of the other exciting things that happened yesterday was the reappearance of the Kevi the Welsh, who actually came out of no where, and an impromptu photoshoot with Ojeda the Curve.

I had intended on leaving work early so as to take a shower and finish this week’s article, and (not to forget) feeding my sweet Pancake Land, all before heading over to White Chocolate’s house for a Top Chef Masters-athon. We missed last week, so we had to watch last week’s and this week’s. Exciting stuff. Next week Wylie Dufresne will be on. Whoo!

After watching two whole hours of Top Chef Masters, I had the realization that nothing makes me smile quite like James Oseland. I think that Pancake Land and I are going to adopt him as our second Dad. The first being Morgan Freeman, of course. We’ll be just like Staci Keanan in that horrid 80’s show. How’s that for lighting your head on fire first thing in the morning?

Well, today we are dry walling and insulating that room edition, so expect a long day of standing in a cement covered room holding fiberglass. Fun times. Oh, I’ll leave you with this gem.

Such a terrible idea, such terrible wardrobe.

More soon. ~SC


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