When Sleep Gets In Your Eyes.


April 5, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

So sleepy. This whole “cloudy” as a forecast thing is getting old fast. I need sunlight.

Yesterday was kind of a bust. When I went to make deviled eggs, I opened the carton to discover that one egg was smashed and had slimed all the rest of the eggs. This smashing probably happened three weeks ago, so all of the other eggs, being cemented into place by rotten eggs bits, just sort of popped when I tried to get them out of the carton. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I was making scrambled eggs. Except for that whole contaminated by the bad egg thing. Hmm… right. Anyway, no deviled eggs. The good news is that we discovered the source of the horrid stench in the fridge. We had believed that it was the bag of mussels that we bought, because of the “fishy-ness” of the smell. Alas, no, it was the eggs.

I bet you are wondering how I, who eats eggs on a regular basis, did not discover the bad eggs until yesterday. Pancake Land wondered the same thing. This was my response when she posed the question.

It is all about timing. We received those eggs two days after I had just purchased a dozen eggs down at the WalMarts*. Not to mention that I already had three eggs at the time that I bought my dozen. So, 15 eggs in the fridge and a new dozen arrives, it is no wonder it wasn’t discovered until yesterday. I eat a lot of eggs, but not that many. I know that I am to blame for the smell in the fridge because I should have checked them. You check the eggs at the store and you should check them again when you put them in the fridge. It is something that I know I should do and never think of it. It’s like flossing. Very good idea, hard to remember to do.

Last night we watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog on Netflix. Joss Whedon is scary good at what he does. Did you know that he wrote 4 episodes of Roseanne and worked on the screenplay for Toy Story? Awesome. Speaking of Joss Whedon, we’re almost done with Season 2 of Angel. If the theme of the first season was “Women in Peril” then the theme for the second season is “Angel: Good Guy?” or alternately “Will Angel Go Bad, Yet Again?” It is getting better, but they are sort of beating a second dead horse already.  I heard a rumor that they might be starting a series based on Spike, but my research has turned up squat.

Holy crap! Is that the time? I’ve got to go to work. More soon. ~SC


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