William Shatner Is Brilliant.


April 17, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

We survived another week of work, kittens, and eating a lot. I have to say that it was a long and tiring week. It is strange to me that regardless of how exhausted I am at the end of the day, I have trouble falling asleep. I want to stay awake and hang out with Pancake Land. This week it has been like we are doing this sort of tag-team kitten wrangling. I come home from work and tag I am in the ring to distract the kittens while she works. I suck at wrangling the kittens, which irritates her a even more. Come my bed time and she is looking forward to a little peace & quiet and all I want is to hang out with her. She has come to using the spray bottle (usually reserved for the kittens) to coerce me into the bedroom, where she tucks me in and kisses me goodnight and then she returns to the living room to relax and finish her days work. We have been like two ships, upon a sea of kittens, passing in the night. We love each other very much, but we haven’t really liked each other very much this week.

In addition to all of the trials from the week, we somehow got roped into dog-sitting Little Peddler’s Pomeranian named Rascal, or Rosco, or some other “R” name. Remember him? He’s the one with the thyroid disorder that makes his hair grow in spottier than my beard. So, in addition to the normal chaos that is our house lately, we added a yippy little dog who shows no fear when faced with a wily German Shepard, but who is terrified of kittens. Then of course the kittens retaliated with a lot of puffing up and growling and hissing. Where’s Walter when I need him?

“What do you mean brought it bowling, Dude? I didn’t rent it shoes. I’m not buying it a fucking beer. He’s not taking your fucking turn, Dude.”

Anyway, to redeem myself for my grumpiness, and vent some of my frustration from the week, I made tacos for dinner last night. Sort of a reward for a long and trying week. Tacos makes everything better.

I finished listening to Fool this week. It was most excellent. It almost gave me a boner a few times, which was awkward because I was working, but nonetheless, brilliant. I started Up Till Now yesterday afternoon, and I’ve got to say that Shatner is brilliant. Not only is the writing very good, but having him read it to me is like adding ice cream to an already iced cake. It makes it even better. I am looking forward to listening to the rest of it in the week ahead. But, let’s not think about next week’s work, just yet. Let’s enjoy the weekend first.

So, today Teacher Sis and I are taking a class at Cara’s. Today’s class is a knife skills class. Pray I don’t cut myself too many times. The cool part is that we get to keep our knifes that we use in class. The sad part is that I will have to take a break from classes until I pay for my greenhouse. Priorities, priorities. I have to grown the food first, then learn to cook it.

Well, I think I might go take a shower. Maybe I’ll just take a hobo shower instead. That just involves me putting some deodorant on. That sounds better. I can bathe after my cooking class. Either way, I’m out of here. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Come down to the garden and get a bed. You can grow veggies here until you get everything together at your place.

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