A Three Dog Night.


May 2, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Good news friends! Furious Jessy called to report that little Spoke was found. Unfortunately, he was not found in time to prevent the adoption of two new friends into the Furious-Mick household. Little Sancho Panza and Zeppelin had already made themselves at home before the master could find his way home. As a matter of fact, Furious Jessy found Spoke whilst she was out walking Zeppelin, or he was walking her. Whatever the case may be, Spoke has been returned to his home. It looks like the Furious-Micks had themselves a three dog night last night. You know, Jeremiah was bullfrog. And he was a good friend of mine.

Enough of that silliness. Yesterday, due mainly to the comments made by Pancake Land, I got myself a haircut and trimmed my (poor excuse for a ) beard.

“You’re looking a little scraggly. Don’tcha think?”

I feel very naked and itchy right now. After my visit with Johnny Fox, Word to Me and I stopped off to see Jesus, you know the son of God, and to hit him up for some groceries. He hooked me up with a rack of lamb, already Frenched, and the most sexy and yet terrifying thing I have ever seen. Wanna see it? Here:

Words cannot express the awesomeness.

That’s right. I got a one gallon bag of full-size Reese’s peanut butter cups. I’m at a loss for words about it. I am struggling desperately not to eat them all. They are so delicious and abundant. Adult body acne here I come.

There is something strange going on in the world. Perhaps it is just me, but I have not seen a great movie in a while. I keep watching movies and all I can say after watching them is: “That was cute.” I haven’t been wowed in a long time. Precious and The Hurt Locker were deep, but choppy. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, despite it having my personal hero in it playing the Devil, was riddled with gaps in the story line. The Men Who Stare at Goats was, overall, dull and silly. All About Steve was just awkward and uncomfortable. The Invention of Lying was kind of scatter brained, although the dialogue and acting was some of the best lately. Why can’t movies wow me? Is it because I have seen so many that I am now jaded? I would have to say that the closest to wowed that I have been was probably Zombieland. It was a silly movie, granted, but it had a lot of really great running gags and, spoiler alert, an amazing cameo by Bill Murray. Maybe it was just Bill that sold that movie to me. I can say for certain, that if he wasn’t in it, the movie would not have been nearly as kick ass. Maybe the wow factor came from the fact that I actually just watched the movie and let it surprise me. If a movie doesn’t grab me early on, I sit there guessing, often aloud (much to Pancake Land’s chagrin), what is going to happen next. Maybe Micmacs will rock my world. One can only hope.

Oh, well. Moving on. Last night, Pancake Land showed me something, let me clarify, on the innernet, that made my heart throb. Apparently Moleskine has released a series of journals geared toward people’s passions for music, movies, books, and, in my case, food. They have released a recipe journal. And is it ever so sexy. Looky, looky:

So sexy.

I want it. You can view interior of the book by clicking here. It is really amazing. I’ll let you know when I get one. Believe me, you’ll hear about it. I won’t rave about it too much, seeing as how I haven’t actually seen one in real life and it might actually be lame, but I doubt that it is.

Today, we are supposed to be having a lunch thing in celebration of Big D’s birthday, which is tomorrow, over at Teacher Sis’s house. In the event that it makes, and Word to Me and Big D don’t decide to go back to Hot Springs to see Nanny, I’ll be heading over early to act as T.S.’s sous chef. I have a sneaking suspicion that she is going to make me brunoise something. Not looking forward to that. Other than the ridiculously tiny dicing, I am excited about cooking today.

Well, I need to go get cleaned up and ready to go. More soon. ~SC


  1. me says:

    Don’t say unfortunately, our dogs crap awesome for breakfast.

  2. Dave says:

    Who gives a shit about gaps in the Parnasus movie? I thought it was good especially considering one of the lead actors died before filming was complete.
    Plus you should never eat chocolate that has been unwrapped like that, you might swallow a razor blade.

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