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May 23, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Sometimes I think of different plays on phrases and they become the titles of my posts. Today is one of those times.

As most, or at least some, of you can tell, the site looks a lot less like total ass today. As most of the crew was out gallivanting about the night life last night, I went over to the Furious/Mick house to work on the innernet. Or rather, just the specific location on the innernet that is my website. With Furious Jessy’s help(more her than me), we managed to transform the ancient ass-looking theme that I was using into a little-less-like-ass-looking theme that you are seeing now.

Please forgive the mess. There is a lot of gallery rebuilding going on around here and your patience is greatly appreciated. I actually got a bunch of warnings from the server (e.g. Taco Planet) that my allotted disk space was quickly running out. Awesome. Why is it running out? I am deleting big files and replacing them with small ones. How is it possible that I am using more space than before?

I need to get to the bottom of this.

Today, I am getting around slowly. You might think this is a nice way to spend a Sunday morning. Well, think again mister. I’ve got stuff to do. I can’t be lazy bones and the family Jones today. There is stuff that needs doing and it is not going to do itself. There are galleries to be rebuilt, articles for the City Wire to be written, leftovers to be eaten, stuff to be looked at and thought about, and I think that the stapler is empty. Plus, I am playing the part of Pancake Land’s murse (man-nurse) today. What’s this? La Duchess just sent me a rough draft of a new post that she is working on for the Mudpuppy Music and Art page. Given that she has not posted since last August, I am excited that she will posting again, even if that means I have to do a little extra bit of stuff today since I now have to proof this rough draft, and make notes, and send it back to her. Totally worth the extra effort. You know what? Maybe I’ll just go beat Twilight Princess again as well. Hm. What do think about that?

I really should make a video of myself making a post. Which, now that think about it, sounds like code for pooping. Anyway, I just realized that I talk out loud to you as I am typing. It only took me a year to notice that I do it, but I do. That could be one reason why words are sometimes missing from sentences. I can talk so much faster than I can type. Imagine it in your mind, if you will, me sitting at my desk with only the lamp on, a cup of coffee by my side, speaking out loud to a computer screen. Not whole sentences mind you, but just random snippets of statements that I make on here. Okay, now that you have imagined it, I don’t need to make a video. Whew. That’s one thing that I can mark off my list. Thanks. You were a big help on that one.

Okay, I am bored of typing at you since you are not actually reading this as I type it and therefore cannot respond thereby giving me humorous feedback which, in turn, inspires me to keep typing. Since the aforementioned stuff is not happening, I am going to do something else. Perhaps I will print out a life size picture of your face and then punch it.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. TeacherSis says:

    I do like the idea of sitting and talking to you while you post. I actually answer you sometimes while reading. (I know you can imagine that). My only bitch about the ass site at the moment is the font…It makes me feel weird inside for some reason, like computers are taking over the world. Or I am living in the Matrix or something. Promise me if I am living in the Matrix, I can have a kickass black coat and awesome shades. Take the red pill..take the blue pill…

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