He Knows The Time, With His Fresh Gucci Watch.


May 10, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

This weekend was exhausting. Now it is Monday again and that means there is work to be done. It also means that there is a new SModcast. Whoo!

The kiln that we fired this weekend should be cool enough now to empty, so I’ll be emptying the kiln and grinding the pots for the big Living Treasure gig tomorrow. I am excited about this kiln because I have some mugs coming through for Babbylon Tim and the Northern crew. I had to stick all of my eggs in this one basket, so to speak, in order to get them fired before Le Duke jumps ship for France. Since they wanted the mugs before June, and he won’t be back until July, it was now or never. Or next week, but whatever. I didn’t want to have to fire them in an electric kiln because the colors do not turn out as rich and full without the gas reduction. Chemistry! Sorry.

It’s early and I am tired. That is most of the reason why I am sort of rambling on and getting no where fast conversation-wise. I’ve been staying up late all weekend in order to get everything done and last night I could not get to sleep, even after it started raining. Oh, speaking of raining, the weather has decided to be insane. Thunderstorms are fine. I can deal with rain and noise. But, what is up with this 11°C (51.8°F) business? It is freakin’ cold man. Do not get me wrong, I dig cool weather. It beats the Hell out of hot and humid, but you’ve got to warn a brother. I just got used to the idea of shorts and sandals and Blammo! I get hit with a gust of cold wind and my gennies retreated into my body cavity so fast people stopped to ask me if I had heard that really loud swooshing boom sound. Like a ninja breaking the sound barrier.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I need more coffee. More soon. ~SC


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