I Heard Their Drum Major's Only Got One Arm.


May 13, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

My run in with the dentist yesterday ended with a good report, thankfully. For some reason, the staff seemed a little less talkative than usual. Hmm… perhaps it was the scowl on my face because my dental appointment was right in the middle of the chaos of work. I’m just saying.

Yesterday was a dick jamming session of epic proportions. I might have been a little over anxious due to my procrastination in the writing of my article, but with all of these people in town, it is hard for us to focus on what needs to be done. By noon, having not accomplished anything except emptying the van, I was freaking out. I knew that if we did not get down to 2nd Street Live to pick up the show, then we could not pack up the gallery for the Guild show this weekend. I knew that we had to have the van packed for the Guild show before I left for the day because Le Duke had to leave at 5am this morning so he could be on the radio or television or something. I also knew that I would be there until the van got packed thereby, possibly, shortening the amount of time I had to work on my article. Luckily we all banded together to knock everything out in a timely fashion and I actually got out early. Awesome. I came home did some chores, fed us, got in an episode of Angel, and wrote my article. Whew!

I discovered, to my surprise, that people have started having a shouting match in the comment section of the article I wrote on Gino’s Hamburgers. It is crazy. I wrote that article like a month and a half ago and in the past three days there have been 10 new comments. People defending Gino’s, people talking shit about me, people dissing Gino’s, people talking shit about the people who are talking shit about me, and some people just talking about burgers at other restaurants. The other burger joint people are kinda looking on at the madness of people rolling around on the floor in a bar fight and then shouting across the room at the bartender that they like pretzels. All from the safety of the doorway. They are the smart ones to stay out of it. Better than getting stabbed with a broken beer bottle.

Today is lots of studio work. Making tile. Emptying electric kilns. Reloading electric kilns and firing them. Making lists of things to make after Le Duke and La Duchess leave for France. It is all very exciting. Add the potential for severe thunderstorms all day and I am looking at the very distinct possibility of having to drink a lot of coffee to survive today.

Speaking of thunderstorms, I guess that April forgot all about its showers (I know I forgot mine.) and now May is like “Crap. We need showers for flowers, man.” So it has been thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches every other day this week. Well, at least I don’t have to water my garden.

I need to start getting ready to go to work, but I will leave you with something to ponder today. Last night Pancake Land told about the Arkansas School for the Deaf’s mascot. It’s a Leopard. That’s right. They are the Deaf Leopards. More soon. ~SC

Check out that Priest shirt. Very Metal.


  1. Dave says:

    Who are the dudes in the photo?

  2. sandwichcontrol says:

    Def Leppard.

  3. jessicarabid says:

    wait…is his Judas Priest shirt tucked into his belted jeans? I don’t know whether shake my head at the English, or the 80s first.

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