In The Land Of The Pincherless, The One Clawed Crawfish Is King.


May 9, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all my Moms out there. As a person who collects parents, I have a lot of Moms. So, Happy Mother’s Day. Be sure to wish your Mom(s) a happy day as well. And tell her I said “What’s up and I work out.”

Yesterday was a crazy day. I managed to eat a lot with out being put into some sort of coma and without projectile vomiting. Whoo! I also managed to score a $60 Oster food processor for $35 on clearance at WalMart*. I plan on making hummus using a rocking recipe I stole out of Food &Wine magazine very very soon. I made a round of sun-dried tomato and basil pesto as an offering to the crawfish Gods and they seemed to be pleased with my sacrifice because the mudbugs were plentiful this year. Our turn out on the Don Chulius end of the table was a lot smaller this year, but we still managed to let the other end of the table know who’s the boss.

Last night, Pancake Land stayed out at Little Peddler and G-Man’s campsite, so the house has been eerily quiet last night and this morning. She was pretty tired after having kayaked 4 miles (6.437376km) with White Chocolate and Garfield Bob and decided to stay out at the campsite rather than having me come out to get her and then take her back in the midst of all of the Mother’s day shenanigans that I’ve got going on today. My Plan for today is to endure my usual Mother’s Day punishment of going to church and then feasting at Teacher Sis’s house afterward. From there, I plan on heading out to the campsite to find my sweet baby who, by now, should have caught me some fish. Hopefully I’ll have plenty of sunlight so I can shoot some photos with Pancake Land’s camera whilst she is fishing.

In order for this ball go get rolling I’ve got to do a bunch of stuff around the house. Like take a shower. I’m kinda gross after the crawfish boil. So, with that, I’m off. More soon. ~SC


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