Lemon Cake. No Icing.


May 29, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I ask Yervan if he wanted a cake for this shindig. I told him that I would make whatever he wanted since he had acquired a sweet tooth while he was gone. That what was he wanted. A lemon cake with no icing. Something that he can dump ice cream on top of. Wish granted, my man. I baked it last night. My part in this whole thing is to make asparagus and risotto. Well, and a lemon cake, but that is taken care of already.

Yesterday, Back Alley Trey and I went to pick up this glaze mixing bucket that was being given to us by this paint-your-own-pottery joint that is sadly going out of business. As I am wheeling the bucket out, I notice this metal work table, the kind used in restaurant kitchens as prep tables and whatnot. When I inquired about what was going on with the table, I was told that if I had room for it in the van it was going home with me. So, it is my destiny after all to have a stainless steel sandwich station in my kitchen. Behold, Sandwich Station Alpha Uno*:

* Kitten not included.

I know. Your jealous. I understand. I bet you are wondering what goes in that gap between the Thermos and the slow cooker. Well, since you asked, and since I know you are dying to chip in on it, that space if for the bad mamma-jamma KitchenAid Stand Mixer from the metallic series. So sexy and metal. When I get it, I am going to put a Slayer sticker on the side of it. That is my dream. To have my own restaurant, strictly so I can have all stainless appliances and name them after Metal bands. The mixer will be named Slayer. The fryer will be Cradle of Filth. The deep freeze will be named Iced Earth. And so on, and so on. It’s nice to have a dream. Spurred on partially by my dream of the Metal kitchen and partially by a story Back Alley told me about some guy saying that Slayer wasn’t metal, but Godsmack was (insert the sound of me lubing the treads of my Metal tank with his living guts), I think that this is going to be an All Metal, All Weekend weekend. Let him who hath understanding, reckon the number of the beast.

Well, I’d rather be headbanging, so… More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    I would have godsmacked the snapple outta that stupid kid.
    FUCkin metaaaal!

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