Nicaragua Is Stalking My Sweet Baby.


May 4, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I am slept through most of my alarm again. You know what’s getting old really fast? Tossing and turning all night. Maybe I should stop eating Mrs. Renfro’s hot green salsa before I go to bed. Just a thought.

I discovered, to a strange sort of relief, that the Moleskine recipe journals are not available anywhere right now. Well, except England. They’re available in England. If I want to pay $40 for one plus the cost and time of international shipping. Hmmm… wait until June (when everyone says they’ll be back in stock and/or released in the U.S.) and pay $20 or get it now from the U.K. and pay close to $50 for it. Sure I want it, I mean really really want it, but not that bad. Plus, I’ve got a million other things that I need to be spending money on right now.

Last night, we finished watching Season 2 of Angel. It started of good, relatively speaking, passed on to bad, went deeper into God-awful, and emerged, at the end, into bizarrely entertaining. Then, we think Buffy died. Way to end the season with a downer. Apparently they found the last member of their team. I am not going to go into the actual details of it because it sounds even more ridiculous than it already is when taken out of context. Well, okay. If you must know, then I’ll tell you. After accidentally losing Cordelia in the dimension of Pylea, the dimension that Lorne (the host of the karaoke bar) is from, Wesley, Angel, Gunn, and Lorne travel to Pylea to save her only to discover that, because of her visions, she has been made Princess of Pylea. Well, only long enough for some hunky half-demon to suck her powers out of her by them doing the nasty. In the process of trying to killed or captured by every one in Pylea, Angel discovers Fred (Winifred) the chick from Cordy’s vision about three or four episodes back. The vision that started this whole portal/dimension jumping mess. Fred was a librarian who was studying to be a physicist five years ago before she accidentally opened a portal and got sucked into Pylea. Oh, and in Pylea, humans are called cows and are essentially slaves. Awesome. Anyway, long and short of it, they all escape, Fred too, and return to home base to find Willow sitting there all teary eyed. The episode/season ends with Angel saying “It’s Buffy.”. I told you it was ridiculous, but you wouldn’t listen.

Today, I have more of those damned pedestals to paint. I should be able to finish Wicked today. Maybe I’ll get started on this Anthony Bourdain audiobook called A Cook’s Tour. We shall see. Anyways, running late. Gotta go. More soon. ~SC


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