No Notes Is Bad News.


May 18, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I normally make little notes during my day. There are usually things that I want to mention on here. They are either activities of the day, or updates in a previously mention situation, or a funny phrase that someone said. You know, the stuff that I write about. That’s where almost all of my titles come from. Well, I got up surprisingly early and easily this morning only to discover that I have no notes to guide me. Yesterday was so busy that I had no time to make notes. Zaxxon is in town and he came out to the room addition site with Le Duke and me, and we all rocked out on finishing the job up. And by rocked out, I mean worked late. Zaxxon ended up having to drive La Duchess around, I ended up shoveling the vanfull of brick/gravel/mortar debris into a ditch at Prince Jazzbo’s apartment complex, and Le Duke stayed at the site, until God knows when, finishing up the soffit.

I got home so late that my timing was just totally derailed. I couldn’t do anything because I was a) exhausted and b) totally disoriented in time and space. I almost ate cupcakes for dinner. Which, now that I say that in type, doesn’t sound so strange for me. It seemed much stranger last night. Perhaps it seemed strange because of all the delicious things to eat in my house right now, I thought that eating only cupcakes was the most well reasoned solution. Rather than decide what to eat, I’ll just eat cupcakes. Yet again, once said in type, it is totally sound logic.

Today, I have more of the exciting work-at-the-job-site stuff to do. It will involve cutting a lot of masonite. I can just tell. Call it my intuition. It also helps that I have a hand scrawled reminder to bring pieces of masonite back to the site to finish making the drawer dividers. According to my reminders, my day will probably also involve the use of an angle grinder. Awesome. What’s that you say? What’s an angle grinder?! Well, for anybody out there who has never been in metal shop or been to an S & M live sex show, an angle grinder looks like this:

This photo was actually titled "generic angle grinder image".

It makes sparks. Especially if you touch it to your steel codpiece. Not that I’ll be wearing a steel codpiece or any codpiece at all while I am working at the room addition. Never mind.

All this talk of work reminds me that I need to actually go there instead of sitting at my cluttered desk sipping coffee. Someone should remind me to take notes today. More soon. ~SC


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