So, Sir Nose and Doctor Teeth Walk Into A Bar…


May 12, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Good news! My Nanny was finally released from the hospital and is moved back to her hometown and is in rehabilitation. Whoohoo! No more ulcerous duodenum. No more crazy blood pressure fluctuations. (sigh of relief)

Last night’s Living Treasure award ceremony was most excellent. I managed to score about a dozen cupcakes after the thing was over. Nice. The event was trying to be very classy and the venue rocks. I say trying, only because you can take the people out of the country, but not the country out of the people. I was a big fan of the champagne bottles popping open while the speeches were happening. I kept snickering every time one popped open. I was also a big fan of Le Duke sitting up on the stage being forced to sit still and listen to people give speeches. You could see the pun wheels turning in his head. Usually to calm the urge to make word jokes he will start picking at the skin on his hands. About fifteen seconds into the first speech, sure enough he started to pick at his hands. As I was thinking this and wondering what exactly it was he was thinking about, Teacher Sis leaned in and asked “I wonder what Le Duke is thinking about.” Funny how family thinks alike.

Good God I saw a lot of people there. Dr. J, my editor on the Secret Doctor’s Book was there. My editor (who has not been issued a nickname, yet) for the City Wire was there. Teacher Sis, Andi the Numbers and Squeaker, Taco Planet, Danny Royale, the Prince and Princess of Lippincottonia, Le Duke (Living Treasure) and La Duchess, and about a hundred more people without nicknames. And there were cupcakes. Did I mention the cupcakes? I ended up sneaking away with about 8 strawberry, 1 chocolate, and 1 vanilla cupcake. Awesome.

Today, we must break down the show at 2nd Street Live and pack up for the Craft Guild show this weekend. In the midst of all this packing things up, I have dentist appointment. Luckily, I enjoy going to the dentist. I do feel a lot of guilt for not taking better care of my teeth. Especially since I like to eat. You would think that a person who enjoys the eating of food as much as I do, would take better care of the tools by which one gets the food into the body. Note to self: take better care of your teeth.

One a different note, sort of, I am almost done with A Chef’s Tour. Next up is the Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, read by the author. I really enjoy the sound of Neil Gaiman’s voice. The first time I heard it was a podcast produced by the Moth, which is an organization for storytellers. Gaiman tells this story of being 16 and stranded at the train station. It is brilliant. Anyway, I forgot that I had this audiobook until I discovered it the other day whilst I was copying a bunch of audiobooks for Taco Planet, who is getting me all of the Christopher Moore audiobooks. So nice.

Tonight I have to have to have to work on my article for this week. I have been stupid busy all week and have been slacking and not working on it. Since it is due tomorrow, I am going to have to lock myself in the bedroom tonight and knock it out. I normally get my article through the rough draft phase on Sunday mornings. I get up, eat my Papa Sandwiches, drink my coffee, make a poop, write a post for here, and then write my article. I am all alone on Sunday mornings. Everyone is at church or sleeping off their Saturday night bender. I have time to just sit and write at my leisure without being disturbed. This past Sunday, I had to get up and go to church for Mother’s day, so the article did not happen. So tonight, article. No excuses.

But first, I’ve got to go to work for Le Duke. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Word to Me says:

    First let me say I’m sorry I missed seeing the Living Treasure receive his award. The Farm Bureau meet the candidate dinner whatever was BORING and unnecessary for us to be there. Second who told you to go to church Sunday? Not me. I didn’t even remember it was Mother’s day.

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