The Blissful Ignorance Of Headphones.


May 6, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Do you know what it is really stupid? Thompson’s water sealing a deck is stupid. The good news is that I am waterproof from the elbows down.

Lately, La Duchess has been converting a bunch of Le Duke’s old tapes into digital files. The tapes are all old recordings he did of songs he wrote and traditional folk songs back in the 70s and 80s. “Why not make them the soundtrack to the big event on Tuesday?” they said. My question of “Why not just take the tapes down there instead of converting them into MP3?” is, in my opinion, still a valid one. I know that it would have to be done sooner or later anyway, but this is a little more last-minute than I care for. The best part of this whole debacle is that when La Duchess is working on the tracks, she wears the headphones. When she wears the headphones, she will sing the song that she is listening to, and which no one else can hear, at the top of her lungs like a drunken sailor.

Poor Gerald. Stuck in the hallway having to suffer through it all. I feel his pain after having to work with Taco Planet, without the luxury of my own iPod, who likes to treat the rest of the world to his rendition of the entire Tom Waits and Johnny Cash catalogs. So, seeing a friend in need, I brought Gerald some protective earphones. They are the kind used for firing a gun or operating heavy machinery. They should make his life a little more bearable. I still haven’t figured out why he was naked that day, though. For all of the grief that I give La Duchess over the silliness of the singing, it is nice to see here feeling better for a change. She has using this lamp that hoses you down with artificial sunlight and she has been feeling 100% better since she started using it. I’m sure her Vitamin D levels were terrible, that whole allergic to sunlight thing and all. Anyway, it’s nice to see her all hopped up on fake sunlight and full of piss & vinegar again.

Anyway, the promise of moving brick today or tomorrow is pretty exciting. Apparently, when the brick mason comes to lay the brick on the outside of this room addition we’re building, he needs the brick to be in a bunch of neat little stacks all the way around the building. So, guess who gets to move all that brick in a wheel barrow? You got it. Taco Planet will probably get roped into it as well. If it turns out to be tomorrow, I’ll have my newest job shadow there to lug brick as well. The poor kid that gets to shadow me.

Anyway, I need to go find out what’s the what. More soon. ~SC


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