The Donut Jones.


May 16, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

After three weeks of trying to get donuts from my favorite donut shop and failing miserably, I decided to get there as early as possible (for me) this fine Sunday morning and ensure that I get some damned donuts. Long and short of it, success!

Yesterday was exhausting. I ended up driving to and from Bentonville solo due to Taco Planet bailing on me (lame), and driving is always very tiring for me. I got a message from Garfield Bob inviting me to visit the aquarium shop where he works, but unfortunately I did not receive the message until after I got home. Lame. I would like to see his shop because I find what he does incredibly fascinating. Science! I guess my time would have been pretty tight to get it done, though. Not that the customers were packing the booth at the Guild show or anything. Overall the show was a bust. I think we might have covered the booth fee, but hotel and food were definitely a loss.

Today, I am going to try desperately to be a homebody and get a bunch of house work done. Plus, I think I am going to bake a Red Velvet cake. There is lots to be done around here. I think I recall that Zaxxon is coming into town today as well. Which reminds me that I need to find out if Le Duke has got some work for him to do. Add that to my list as well. This past week has been murder on getting house work done. There are laundry baskets of clothes to fold, and piles of dishes to wash, and cakes to bake, and showers to take, and the kittens need a bath. So much to do, so little time.

Speaking of kittens, they are so freaking cute. It really has a crippling effect on me. I have no defenses against it. Babies are not this cute. For one thing, babies don’t know where the bathroom is. They just poop wherever they are. Kittens are all about pooping in the sand box. Secondly, at four weeks old, babies just lay there and make gurgling sounds. Kittens walk around, and fall over, and try to pounce on things, and are afraid of feathers. So cute. Plus, they have tails. Which they think are toys and try to attack them. Their tails. The other kittens’s tails.

Toys (tails) + Attack = Super Cute.

I can’t remember if I mentioned that I added a few photographs to the Project Mustached Gallery or not, so, on that note, I want to inform you that I added some new photographs to the Project Mustached Gallery. I also added a link to Danny Royale’s website Splintered Tree Records. He has just added a new shop section with all the albums that he has put out in the past ten years. You should check it out.

Well, the shower beckons, so I must heed its call. More soon. ~SC


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