The Epic Dilemma Of Finding Something To Type About.


May 24, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I spent close to 90% of my weekend sitting in front of one screen or another. Between working on getting my website to not look like total crap and the television that is conveniently attached to both NetFlix and Amazon’s movie store, I spent most of my time this weekend with a jaw slack and my mouth agape staring blankly at the big shiny. I am actually glad to go back to work today. Maybe I can sweat off this coating of film, you know, the one created by stagnation, that is covering me.

A little manual labor is just what the doctor ordered. I will be so very glad when I get these galleries built and can go do something else. I don’t know if you noticed, but January through November of last year are no longer listed under the Daily Photographs. This is because they do not actually exist right now. I had to delete them in order to curb the string of warning emails that I was receiving about my storage space on the server running out. Luckily, Taco Planet has hooked me up with a storage upgrade so that we will not have to deal with that issue again for a while.

What’s on my plate for this week, you ask? Um, let’s see. I am going to do a little painting in Le Duke’s kitchen, hopefully seal/line with plastic then foam/lay bamboo on top of the floors in the bedrooms of Le Duke’s new house, maybe run a bisque kiln, hopefully send my Chacos back to get repaired(I’m a big procrastinator), mow a little grass, eat a little food, and dance. This last one will probably be while I think no one is watching and I will more than likely have my headphones on. Speaking of headphones, I need to plug my iPod in really quickly to ensure that I get this week’s new SModcast. Hold on one second.

And we’re back. So, what’s up with you? Oh, still giving me the silent treatment, I see. Well, right on. Let me know how that works out for you. Or not. Since you aren’t talking. Shuddup. Err. Never mind. Well, Ima go to work now. Can’t focus on typing any longer. More soon. ~SC


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