The River Is Calling.


May 8, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

My job shadow yesterday was rather uneventful. He was a very quiet kid. Together we knocked out the last of the glazathon and move some stuff around at the ranch and ran errands. Nothing exciting to report.

Last night, Pancake Land and I went out to visit Little Peddler and G-Man at their camp site on the river. It was quite relaxing. Before the sun went down I managed to take a handful of photos of the terrain and of whatnot. I posted some of them to the 2010 Gallery. You should check them out.

Today is jam packed, schedule wise. This morning I have to ensure that Pancake Land, White Chocolate, and Garfield Bob get off on their kayaking adventure early enough to get home before tomorrow dawns. Then I have to hunt down Teacher Sis and, possibly, Prince Jazzbo to eat on assignment and hit AtoZ before coming home to get ready for the main event of the day. For tonight is the annual Knobloch Crawfish Boil. Mmm…udbugs. I think that in my adventuring today I will stop by WalMart* and pick up a food processor that was on clearance. My plan, time permitting, is to make some sun-dried tomato and basil pesto for the big event tonight. I rarely bring anything as an offering to the Crawfish Gods, so I thought that I had better get to sacrificing before they start raining vengeance upon me and mine.

That’s the schedule for today, roughly. I need to go get ready for this day and also I need to wake Pancake Land up and get her moving. More soon. ~SC


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