Why Is It So Quiet In Here?


May 31, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday Pancake Land, White Chocolate, and Ari Bari took an impromptu trip to the Mulberry River for a little kayaking adventure. While they were gone I spent most of my time working on stuff around here (mowing, doing the dishes, folding clothes) and doing stuff elsewhere (picking up the stuff I left at Little Peddler’s, visiting Operation B). I did manage to start this week’s article and catch Episode 2 of No Reservations. I might have eaten a time or two in there somewhere. Who knows?

Today is Monday again. And it is a holiday. Labor Day, or President’s Day, or Memorial Day. One of those holidays when the banks are closed and the mail doesn’t run. I can’t ever keep track. It is probably because I always have to work on them. Why do I have to work, you ask. Because it’s Monday. And Monday is when you work. I could get away with not working today if I really wanted to. I mean Le Duke is in France, there’s not much to do at work, and man, going back to bed sounds pretty sweet right now. But, I need to work to get paid. I’ve got bills to pay. And tomorrow is the first day of class. That’s right, for the next month I have Intro to Chemistry at 8am on Monday through Thursday. Why do I torture myself, so? I think is has something to do with my desire to learn the materials, rather than just pass the class. Of course you didn’t catch me saying that in Probability and Statistics, but Chemistry is different. I actually want to learn Chemistry. It also helps that I have to take another 3 or 4 Chem classes and I kinda need to understand the subject matter in order to pass them. So, Go Team Chemistry!

Last night Pancake Land send me this video that she found somewhere. God only knows where she finds these things. But, since it pertains to Arkansas, I thought I’d share it. It is totally brilliant. It would be what you expected me to make if I was running for a position on the school board and had to make a video. I should probably warn you that it may not be work friendly, but since none of you are working today, go ahead and watch it.

Pretty funny, right? I hope he got elected.

The only good thing about the house being so quiet this morning is that I can hear when the kittens are getting into stuff they are not supposed to. That’s when Daddy has to spray them with the water bottle. Man, that freaks them out. I spray them, they sort of leap backwards, and then scamper away. There may not be anything cuter than that. Well, except maybe this:

Face melting bunny cuteness.

Well, on that note, I need to get ready for work. More soon. ~SC


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