Wishlist In One Hand And Sh*t In The Other And See Which One Fills Up First.


May 3, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

First thing today, I want to wish a Happy Birthday to Big D. Make sure you wish him one as well.

So, I spent most of yesterday working on an impromptu wholesale order with Pancake Land. The lunch in celebration of Big D’s birthday got postponed until next weekend, i.e. Mother’s day.

“Hey two birds! I’ve got this one stone and you’re both dead meat.”

As a reward for working so hard on our respective crap we need to get done, Teacher Sis and I took a break and went to Books-a-Million to hunt up one of those tasty Moleskine recipe journals. Since our town is about a hundred years behind the rest of the world, they do not have them yet. I did manage to pick up a Mother’s Day card that mentions both Science and doodoo, though.

In preparation for redeeming some of my My Points credits for an iTunes gift card, I have been wishlisting audiobooks in the iTunes store. I don’t know if you know this, but audiobooks are crazy expensive. If I were to actually purchase the 73 audiobooks on my wishlist, I would spend $1217.35. That averages out to about $16.68 per book. Having someone read to me is expensive. That’s why I normally just check them out of the public library. Audiobooks are my $100 a week habit. My name is Sandwich and I am an audiobook junkie.

There is no telling what Le Duke has up his sleeves for me today. I will probably be glazing in preparation for the big firing this week, but you can’t ever be certain until you get the list. Le Duke makes the list while he lies in bed wishing he could be asleep. So, to spread his torment around and comfort himself, he makes lists of stuff to do for other people. It is like Grismas everyday in Lippincottonia. A surprise every single day. This is probably the reason that I have worked for Le Duke for so long. We do something different everyday. I could never work behind a desk. I have been spoiled with adventure.

Well, all this talk of work reminds me that I actually have to go there instead of just thinking of it as some fictional place made of fun things. So, yeah. More soon. ~SC


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