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June 3, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

So, we had to purchase these “clickers” for my chemistry class. It is pretty much a tiny remote control that has an alpha-numeric pad on it, like a telephone. We then turn the things on and they find the teacher’s computer and “join” the class. We take quizzes using it, all of our exams are taken using them, plus we do Q&A during class with them. I dig the idea of instant feedback for the teacher so that they can know what needs to be worked on right then, rather than going home grading quizzes and discovering that no one understands the subject matter. I do not, however, dig the fact that they have to convert the classroom into some sort of quiz show just to find out what students understand. I guess that is what you get when you spend 12 years telling students to sit in their seats and be quiet, rather than encouraging them to have discussions about the subject matter. I also have the sneaking suspicion that I am not the one that these gadgets are geared toward. They are made and designed with the 18 year old, who goes no where without text messaging, in mind. I am so old. Back in my day, people talked to each other. Get off my lawn.

The plus side of this class is that I am learning the things that I needed to learn. So far, I have made breakthroughs in the areas of molecules and of potential energy. Progress!

Speaking of progress, they tore down Plan B Saloon this week. Or rather, where Plan B Saloon used to be. In a moment of nostalgia Taco Planet, Back Alley Trey, and I went down there to take what was rightfully ours. We managed to get about 18 bricks, or rather, pieces of Plan B, for those among us who used to waste every night down there drinking $1 PBR, eating sushi, and listening to the Dead Milkmen. So, that said, Plan B’s building is gone, but it will live on forever in our hearts, and in our living rooms (where my piece is currently). Let me know if you want a piece of our history, supply is limited.

This week is exhausting. Chemistry, then work, then house stuff. Makes me a sleepy boy. I was so tired yesterday that I got delirious. Not in that Prince way, but in that laughing maniacally way. I had to bum a Cherry Coke off of Back Alley in order to survive. If you knew how rarely I drink anything other than water, and how even more rarely that I drink soda, this previous statement would cause one of your eyebrows to raise in intrigue. I’m very tired. And it’s raining today. Awesome. I’m going to go figure out what I’m doing. More soon. ~SC


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