Chunky McNipples To The Rescue.


June 29, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

So, yesterday was definitely Monday. All day. I started out my day like it was any other day. Breakfast, vitamin, coffee, emails, post, poop, and then off to school. I had the thought that maybe I’d swing over to Lippincottonia on the way to school and snag the car since it was kind of rainy. So I get there and the car won’t start. I had left the trunk open and the battery was tired. I didn’t have time to deal with it before class, so I just went on to chemistry.

I arrived at the Math/Science building, hot and sweaty from the trike ride through a rainy Arkansas, expecting the icy, refreshing, A/C to hit me with a blast of cool air, as it does everyday. When I opened the doors it was like the Math/Science building farted on me. A breath of hot stale air came from the building as soon as you opened the doors. Apparently the A/C had been off all weekend. Needless to say, we could not scrap class since this is the last week of Summer I, and we are in high gear to get everything covered. I had to fan myself with my portable periodic table to keep from dying of heat stroke. The best part was when the Smart! board started venting it’s heat right onto my head. Luckily, by the end of class the building was starting to cool down and we all survived.

At this point I head back to the ranch to make my preparations for Camp Dreamstreet. I notice that I have a voice mail on my phone, so I check it and find out that some robot is calling me about my bank account. I do not trust robots, so I call Word to Me, seeing as how she works at the bank,  and ask her what is up with my account. She advises me to call the info line and see what is up. So I call. Apparently I had used my debit card online and they thought the activity was suspicious so they put a hold on the transaction. After verifying my identity, they ask me if I had used my card online recently. I had. I paid some of the bills online. This month I had paid bills that I normally write a check for, so I am assuming that is what is up. Wrong. Apparently they froze a transaction for $1003 to South African Airways. Oh. So much for that trip to the World Cup. Not for me, but for whoever was trying to buy a plane ticket using my card. Asshole. The phone/bank people were cool about it and we worked out all the details of changing the info around and whatnot. After I get that all settled it is time to jump the car and head to Dwight Mission, Oklahoma.

I have to say that this camp is really amazing. They take kids with life threatening diseases, and the siblings of kids with life threatening diseases, and allow them to have a “normal” summer camp experience, free of the persecution and awkwardness that comes with having a life threatening disease. They do arts-n-crafts, and swim, and do archery, and go fishing. The whole nine. They even have to create and perform skits with their dorm mates. I would probably be totally inspired by these kids and the way that soldier on, trying to be kids, in the face of imminent death, you know, if I weren’t such a jaded prick. Don’t get me wrong, I will give mad props to these kids, but after the day I was having yesterday, I wasn’t about to have a arts-n-crafts with dying kids life changing musical montage moment.

I have got to go back today and make a few more things with the kids and help the staff get the kiln ready to fire. But, not before chemistry. Today we are covering the final chapter, then the tests begin. I’ve got stuff to do. More soon. ~SC

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