Color By Number.


June 26, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I don’t know where that title came from. It was just in my head when I was waking up. I was in that place between dream and awake, the place where you can still taste your dreams, and the thought that I should title today’s post “Color By Number” made perfect sense. It doesn’t hold much water now that I am awake and have no context to help it out. I’m sure it is appropriate for whatever was going on with me earlier today.

Well, it is Saturday and that means that I had Papa Sandwiches for breakfast. I think I understand now what Wylie Dufresne meant when he said that the egg is his favorite food because you can spend a lifetime trying to cook one perfectly. I make eggs almost every Saturday and Sunday morning and, although the Papa Sandwiches are similar, they are not all identical. It will take me many years of deliciously high cholesterol to perfect these things. Maybe that is why Papa’s were so good, because he had been making them, at the time, close to sixty years.

As far as my plans for this weekend go, I need to eat at a few places, I need to work on my article, and, according to Anjean, I need to restore the Spirit Tracks that lead from the Ocean Realm to the Tower of Spirits. The Ice Realm was bad enough, but after the Ocean Realm there is the Fire Realm. Why can’t they start you out in the Fire Realm and just get it over with? Why do they make you dread it?

I was going to insert an image of the Fire Realm here, but I could not find one that a) wasn’t a map covered with bunny locations or b) wasn’t tiny and grainy. Let me tell you now, that level is going to suck ass.

At some point this morning I need to go over and cut Operation B’s hair for him. Maybe I’ll pick us up some coffee on the way over there. Mmm… coffee.

Enough talky talk. Time to make with the doey do. More soon. ~SC


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