Density Is Equal To The Amount Of Mass Proportionate To The Amount of Volume.


June 2, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Isn’t science grand? So, yeah. 8am Chemistry. Good times. This class does not mess around. We have roughly five weeks of class, four days of class per week, seventeen chapters to cover in the textbook, and four tests to take. By my calculations, that’s a hair over a chapter a day. Oh, and don’t forget the quizzes. Hi. Ass, prepare to be kicked. The good news is that I have already learned something that I didn’t know. This is a good sign. The idea behind me taking this class is that I missed something from not taking it in the first place and therefore my performance and understanding suffered in Chem I. So, I decided to take a do-over. Self inflicted science torture. As it turns out, I am probably one of the only science majors in the class. Everybody else either has to take this class as a pre-req for some nursing class or they are using it as a gen. ed. lab science. I am the only one who is trying desperately to find the Rosetta Stone of Chemistry for their own personal use.


It is way too early to be typing, let alone trying to make sense.

As it turns out, last night was the sneak preview of this summer’s season of Wipeout. It was a special, two-hour, blind date episode. The obstacles have gotten a lot harder this season. Pancake Land and I were talking about it on the way back from Little Peddler’s and we came to the realization that almost all of the obstacles are water related these days. Remember when there were big vats of foam rubber and giant conveyor belts(the Dreadmill) and the wrecking ball? Ah, good times. Now it is all water wipeouts. We had the thought that it was probably too much of a liability for people to face plant on a giant conveyor belt and subsequently be dragged into a pit of flour covered foam pieces. Plus it probably costs a lot to run it. It is far cheaper and safer (according to the insurance company) for a person to face plant into a foam covered steel platform and then fall twelve feet into a body of standing water. P.L. was telling me that they had to start blowing bubbles in the water in the spot where people land in the Wipeout Zone because the surface tension of the water was breaking people’s noses. Like Bruce Lee said “Water is the softest stuff on Earth, but it can break stones.” Well said, Bruce.

So, my babies are at Chacos being repaired. I had gone online to see if there was a way to track repair progress, but all they had was an email address. I normally wouldn’t bother them, but this text in the repair section actually said that if you missed your sandals then you should email them and they will give you an update (possibly with photos). So I emailed them and said that I missed my sandals. I’ve been wearing these cheap-ass WalMart* sandals for (maybe) three weeks and they are already falling apart. So, yesterday I got a response saying that they have my babies and are currently evaluating them for the warranty coverage and the repairs should be done this week and they should be on their way home early next week. Keep your fingers crossed. Crossed? Crossed.

Well, I need to go do a bunch of crap before class. Remind me to tell you about “the clicker” in tomorrow’s post. More soon. ~SC


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