Don’t Get Eaten Alive By Over, Dr. Bees.


June 19, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

It’s the weekend. And I slept in. My lack of sleep conspired with my full belly to put me in a food coma until almost 9am. I guess I needed it. Unfortunately, my getting up later than normal does not allow me to have my usual eggs for breakfast due to the prearranged early lunch schedule that I have planned. Can you tell that the coffee is not kicking in yet?

Last night, my S.A.N.D. brethren and I gathered at Nicky the Cook’s for dinner. Not our typical cook-off affair, but just a nice fellowship dinner. Nicky grilled tequila lime leg quarters of chicken, D-Man made black bean and corn salad, Shamrock and Agent O brought a fresh green salad and garlic bread, and I made a green onion slaw (eh, I hate that word). We also made a batch of white wine sangria out of fresh fruit and shitty wine. Overall, we had a blast. The meal turned out to be very European. By that I mean we didn’t eat until almost 10pm. I was awesome. There was lots of your mom jokes. It was just like old times.

Yesterday, when I went to the bank to have lunch with Word to Me, she handed me this sheet of paper with a shark drawn on it. At the top of the page in girly handwriting it says “don’t be eaten alive by over dr. bees” and at the bottom of the page is a blue sticky note that reads “remember this?” and has a smiley face stamp under it. Let me just remind you that I had had about four hours of sleep (cumulative) the night before and had been laying bamboo flooring all morning in the awesome summer heat, so I was not at my best, mentally. I could not fathom the insanity that was that piece of paper. It turns out, Dave drew the shark like almost nine years ago for some promo thing that they were doing at the bank. The message at the top actually reads “don’t get eaten alive by over dr.(draft) fees.” It was just a case of mistaken lower case cursive “b” versus “f”. Here:

See how b and f are similar?

Anyway, once I wrapped my brain around the whole thing I was not nearly as confused and/or threatened by the situation. I did manage to stare blankly at the World Cup game between England and Algeria the entirety of lunch, though.

Well, I need to go slap myself in the face and wake up before I have to go do stuff. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    Sharks, total insanity and Dr Bees, yep that sounds about right.

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