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June 22, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I have a chemistry test this morning. I know what you’re thinking: “Didn’t you have a test like, a week ago?” And the answer is yes. I did. That is the cool part of school in Summertime. That and a torrent of information. We have literally covered 12 chapters since class started. We will have done 17 by the end of the term. My teacher informed us that, by the end of Summer I, we will have surveyed Chem I, Chem II, Organic and BioChem, Inorganic Chem, and P Chem. Awesome. If only I could just count this class as my grade for all of those, then I wouldn’t have to take them.

There was a moment of great joy and pleasure, and then one of terrible sorrow last night. As I was studying, I discovered an error in a drawing in the textbook. I was very pleased with myself for finding an error in the text. That means that I know some of the material, right? Then the realization that I was very excited and pleased with myself for finding an error in my chem book sank in and I realized how incredibly nerdy that was. I was so excited about it that I had to show it to Pancake Land, who just chuckled awkwardly and sent me back to the dining room with a “That’s nice, Baby.”. That was when my nerdy realization happened. What a downer. Normal people do not get excited over errors in chemistry textbooks. Well, I can live with that. Because I found it and you didn’t. Therefore, according to Avogadro’s Law of Awesomeness, me = better than you. Sorry, but it’s the law, dude.

Recently, P.L. has been rocking the Pandora, or rather, soft rocking the Pandora, on our Roku. I finally bugged her to the point where she let me add Tom Waits Radio. Anyway, last night we were listening to Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison and it turned out that neither of us knew what Tupelo Honey was or what makes it different than regular honey. Well, as it turns out, and according to Wikipedia, Tupelo Honey is the honey made from the flowers of the Tupelo tree, mainly in the swamps of Florida. Honey made from the Ogeechee Tree is said to have such a high ratio of fructose to glucose (both of which are hydrocarbons) that is will not crystallize. How cool is that? Honey that won’t solidify at the bottom of the jar? Awesome. And as we have already covered in the previous paragraph, non-crystallizing honey = better than you.

Now, all I have to do is sneak Slayer radio into our Pandora and everything will be okay. That will begin the counteracting of the Barry Manilow radio that P.L. has been listening to. It is a well documented fact that we have very little in common. Our taste in music for one. We do share a love of music, but just different genres. In this most recent stint, with the Van Morrison listening, we discovered that we both love Van and therefore we needed to bicker over who gets him. Since our tastes are so different it would seem unreasonable that we could share him and thereby have something linking Cradle of Filth(mine) to Jimmy Buffett(hers). I don’t remember who ended walking away with him. I think I walked away thinking that we would have joint custody and therefore spend everything other weekend with him, and I think she walked away thinking he was hers. Either way, I think she wins.

Anyway, the time has come for me to take a chem test. Wish me luck. More soon. ~SC


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