Moles Is Like Dozens.


June 8, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

We got into the algebra part of chemistry yesterday. Ass, kicked. We’re doing that stuff where they say “You have 2.67g of water in a sample, how many atoms of Hydrogen are in the sample?” That’s a real question by the way. For all of you science nerds out there, that is an easy question. To all the non-science nerds out there, that seems like an insane question. I think the answer is 1.79 X 10²³, but I could be wrong. The funny thing is, until this morning when I started typing about it, none of it made sense. Then something clicked. And now I think it makes sense. Maybe that is just the lack of coffee talking.

I did get some good news yesterday. The new season of Top Chef starts next week. Whoo! This season they are in D.C. Maybe Don Chulius could give me the inside scoop. I doubt it. They keep everything pretty hush-hush when they are filming. I was going to show you a photo of the new “chef-testants”, but no such luck. They have also announced the opening of the Top Chef University. It is all online, and I’m not sure if you get a diploma, but you get to learn to cook by taking instruction from former Top Chef contestants. How awesome is that? The downside is that it costs like $200 for a year long subscription/enrollment. It seems pretty interesting, though.

Speaking of chefs on television, I’ve been toying with the idea of putting together a little project where I hunt down chefs, in Arkansas for now, and make them feed me. Maybe even have them teach me their deep dark secret techniques. And we video tape it. If I can put an episode together, I think I can get the City Wire to back me. Mike Tango, my editor, is always encouraging me to try new and different things, and he had mentioned doing some video stuff before, so why not? It’ll be a piece of cake. I just need to find some chefs and convince them to participate, then I’ll need a video camera, and a camera man, and a sound person, and someone to edit it. That’s it. Oh, and sponsors to cover travel and equipment expenses. That’s all. No problem, I got this. Any takers? Does anybody know any chefs? Or have a really expensive video camera I can borrow? I’ll have to talk to Seesaw Shawn about doing some editing for me. Maybe he can pull a skeleton film crew together. I like where this is going. Mwhahaha…

Well, it is early. It is still dark outside. I feel like crap. And I need to get ready to have the crap kicked out of my brain for two hours, yet again. Luckily, chapter five is not a math chapter. Did I just say chapter five? That’s right. We have covered four chapter since last Tuesday. Now you know why my brain hurts. Anyway, more soon. ~SC


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