Nerds Run The World Or Maybe Just My Chemistry Class.


June 15, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Just a note before we begin today. This is Paizi’s Gyros last day in town until next March, so if are going to eat there, you’d better get to it before 8pm.

So, last night Pancake Land tells me that apparently the Konami Code is hidden in websites every where. First off, for those of you who do not know what the Konami Code is, slap yourself in the face, hard. The Konami Code is a sort of like a hidden treasure in video games of old. To access said treasures you had to press a series of buttons, either on the console of an arcade game or on your controller at home, in a combination. That combination is called the Konami Code. Anyway, nerds have been giving props to Konami for years by sneaking the code into things. Well, according to P.L., it is hidden in the code for a ton of websites. When the Konami Code is typed while on one of said websites, the hidden treasure becomes unlocked. You can go to a site called, un-ironically, konami-codes-sites-dot-com for a list of sites that use it. (You’ll have to use the code to enter.) The most surprising, I think, is Newseek-dot-com which is not listed on the K.C. site. P.L. found out about it on Reddit.

Before we start this section, I would like to say that, Prince Jazzbo, we thought of you. So, we went to Newsweek-dot-com and typed the code. Everything turned into zombies. Stories about zombies. Commentary about the zombie outbreak. You name it. The reason that I am telling you all of this instead of letting you go see it for yourself and be surprised, is because they apparently disabled it once everyone found out. Lame. It is still awesome, though. You can try it later if you want, it might work for you. The specific code for Newsweek is: up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, b, a, and then press enter. Maybe a pizza will appear and give you that much need boost to health before you have to fight Shredder. Or not.

Speaking of nerds, I got my test back in chemistry yesterday. I had the highest score in the class. Whoo! That made me stop and consider how terrifying it is that I am the smartest person in the class. Me. Scary. I set the curve. Even scarier. My classmates hate me. Or rather, they would hate me if they found out. I am sure it is bad enough that I answer questions in class. I can feel their icy stares whenever I give the formula for a polyatomic ion or name a compound. They hate me even more knowing that I am in that class voluntarily rather than being required to take it like all of them. Of course this will be my second attempt to get through the chemistry lab-rynth unscathed (pun intended), so I have to say that it is more likely to be the fact that I am having the same knowledge drilled into me yet again and some of it is sticking. You know, rather than me being smarter than my classmates.

After chemistry, I get to go lay bamboo flooring for a few hours before I have to take Pancake Land to the dentist to get some of her fillings. I was going to say “to get some of her cavities filled”, but that just sounded dirtier and more exciting than this trip will be. Anyway, I’ve got to get triking while the rain has let up. Hey, I forgot to mention that it has finally started raining. Well, more like on and off, but every little bit helps. More soon. ~SC


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