Oh Trouble, Please Be Kind.


June 30, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

So, I survived the summer camp gig. Barely. This going to class at 8am, promptly leaving there, driving an hour, setting up, working with kids for two hours, loading a kiln, and driving another hour back got old quick. Plus, I’ve been pretty spoiled this Summer with the getting off around 3pm everyday. Being suddenly thrown back into 5 and 6 pm is rough.

I have two days left of class this Summer. Then I get a break until the middle of August. That is, if these two days do not kill me. That is another bad thing about this whole Summer camp gig. It cut down on the time that I probably would not have been, but was potential study chemistry time. I feel relatively confident going into this test this morning, but I have been known to answer questions incorrectly from time to time. Let us hope that I don’t make the same types of errors that I made last time. Everyone should send me horse vibes, so that the horse will be with me on this test.

After my test I have to focus on Le Duke’s car. I am starting to get the dammed gas smell under control, but it stills needs fixing. And now the battery has decided it will not hold a charge, so that has to be worked out today as well. Plus, a simple wash and vacuum is in order. It is the least I can do since he loaned me his car and I tried to destroy it. Note to self, I cannot handle the pressure that comes with having an automobile lent to me.

Today, is going to be a busy one. Chem test, car detail, study chemistry for the final, Top Chef at White Chocolate’s, and then pick Le Duke up from the airport. Pray that it doesn’t rain and the flight get delayed. I need all the beauty sleep I can get for this final exam.

So, since we’re talking about Le Duke. Recently it has come to my attention that I am getting famous. Well, indirectly. I took this photo of Le Duke in France a couple of years back and everyone once in a while someone uses the photo for publicity or we use it sometimes for work. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to show you guys some of the images that I have received using that photo. First, a refresher as to the photo I am referring to.

I told them we've already got one.

Next, up is a flyer that Danny Royale made for one of his DJing gigs.

Freak da Funk.

Next is a flyer for a demo that we did at UAFS. Props to Chad for making the flyer.

All of the text on here was Le Duke's doing.

Pretty cool, huh? Yeah. I dig it. I have been meaning to show you guys those for a while now and kept forgetting. So, there you go. Anyway, I’ve got to go cram for my chem test. More soon. ~SC


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