Putting The “O” Back In Sandwich Control.


June 12, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

If you haven’t figured out by now, and I assume you have because you have found this and are reading it right now, we’re under going some site construction. What had happened was, Furious Jessy has been working on a new template for me, but she hurt her leg on a slip-n-slide, and we think that she might haven’t broken the template in a pain pill induced state. Whoopsy! So, she, and apparently I, are going to making a few adjustments to the template that you are viewing now. All of this “editing the template” stuff gives me the itches since I know nothing about CSS or the editing of said CSS. I have no idea how long these changes are are going to take or even what it will look like in the end. That is not my department. That is F.J.’s department. I told her to make my website not look like crap. I generate content. And I generate it like a madman, apparently. So, I went a little crazy making new pages. So what? Please be patient. It will look less like crap very very soon.

I had a weird moment yesterday. I saw what I will look like as an old man. Wanna see it? Here you go:

I'm not saying that I am anywhere nearly as brilliant as Al, but I am recognizing our similar taste in apparel, posture, and hygiene.

Well, it is not quite 8am on this sunny, supposed to have been thunderstorming for a week now, Saturday morning and I have just sent Pancake Land, White Chocolate, and the girls off to the river for a float trip weekend. That means that for the next 36 hours I have the house to myself. Between cleaning up the kitchen and working on this website, I don’t have much going on this weekend. If my pre-disposition toward avoiding water wasn’t enough to keep me from going on the float trip, I already had plans to visit with Operation B this weekend. I so rarely get to see him these days that I thought better of going out to the river for the entirety of the weekend and blowing off my padawan learner.

The only other thing that has happened since we last talked was my acquiring of some more badass cookware. Little Peddler called me yesterday to inform me that she is cleaning out her kitchen and getting rid of a bunch of stuff. She wanted to know if I wanted any of it, so I went over to have a look. I ended up getting a pizza board, a cooling rack for bread or cake, a 2L Pyrex measuring bowl, and two vintage Pampered Chef stoneware casseroles. I know that this is all very exciting to you, but the point of this story is that if any of you need kitchen stuff, you might check with Little Peddler in the next day or so, before she takes it all down to Designer Again. She had some nice cast iron skillets if anybody needs one. I’m just saying.

Well, I am going to go make a poop and called F.J. to get this website party started. More soon. ~SC


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