The Racist Snob Will Lead The Way.


June 24, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday morning, I was feeling kind of down and dreading actually getting my grade in chemistry. That was until I got my grade and discovered that I am still leading the pack. This is not settling, or rather, it is quite unsettling. Let me phrase this another way, if the sole survival of the human race against the zombies depended on my chem class answering questions about the gas laws, we’d all be the dollar menu to the undead hordes. Every last one of us.

My day kept getting better when I got to the ranch and checked my stats page on here. I like to keep tabs on what people are looking at and where people are coming from to get here. For example, anytime someone visits my site from the Mother Earth Community Garden site, I know about it. So, I noticed that someone had come here from my most recent article on the City Wire. I went to check it out and noticed that there were some new comments. Apparently, my liking an Italian restaurant that isn’t Bella Italia or Taliano’s makes me both a snob and a racist. Awesome. My opinion is that a restaurant is good and the people who read my opinion form their own opinion that I am a racist and a snob. Must be true, then. I mean the restaurant part. If it pissed people off so much, there must be some truth to it. I do have to say that someone always gets my back, though. Thanks for agreeing with me Anonymous Commenter # 1 x 10²³. Anyway, if you want to read the comments for yourself, you can see them here (the City Wire).

Movin’ on. We have three more chapters to cover in chemistry. We have five days of class left. One of those days is the Unit 3 test. Another one of those days is the final. You do the math. The scary thing is that we will probably be covering at least one and a half of the chapters today. So scary.

This week I have had to watch a lot of television. Luckily, I am caught up on my Top Chef. And ABC is doing the terribly mean thing of having Wipeout come on on Tuesday and Thursday for the next three weeks. So, for the following two weeks, my Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights are all accounted for. Well, at least until 9pm.

Anywho, I need to go poop before chemistry. Believe me, it’s better than pooping in chemistry. I don’t want to give them anymore reason to want to kill me. More soon. ~SC


  1. Dave says:

    Your city queer readers really need to lighten up.
    Some of those comments only serve to remind me that we live in a town full of
    uptight, boorish pricks who have nothing better to do than point an accusatory finger at anything that infringes on their precious bubble world.
    Guess what- nobody gives a shit about your Italian grandmothers and their shriveled assholes. Get over yourselves.

  2. Word to Me says:

    I agree with Dave

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