Cast Your Puny Gaze To The Heavens


July 4, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Have you ever noticed that when cats are shitting they stare up at the ceiling? Since we are overrun with kittens, I get the opportunity to observe them doing all sorts of things. One of those things is shitting. It is almost hypnotizing.

Kitten, kitten, kitten. Can’t you see? Sometimes your shitting just hypnotizes me.

They have a pattern, almost a ritual, to take taking a dump. They sniff around in the doodoo box. They dig a hole. The squat over it. They think about pooping in it. They change their mind. They sniff some more. They dig another hole. They squat over it. And finally, when they find the purrfect spot and once they get comfortable, they cast their gaze to the heavens and shit.

It is almost like the instructions for pooping are written in kitten code amongst the popcorn coating of the ceiling. I say kitten code, because I couldn’t make anything out when I stared at the ceiling when I was pooping. I mean the lack of popcorn ceiling in the bathroom obviously didn’t work, but even when I pooped in the litter box in the living room I didn’t find anything. Who knows?

Speaking of kittens, we were informed, a week ago or so, that we must return Test Subjects 2 to the Humane Society this coming Thursday. This is when they will be de-balled and microchipped. Pancake Land and I having been debating on whether or not to adopt Subject “E”, aka Eazy. He seems to be our kind of cat. Plus, we are the only ones who think that he is an attractive cat. You would be surprised by how many people have commented on how he is “weird looking” or just plain “not attractive”. I think he is a handsome cat. His face reminds me of a Kabuki mask for some reason.

Kabuki mask.


See? I told you. Anyway, I’ve got crap to do before having to do other crap. Happy Fourth of July. More soon. Kittens. ~SC


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