Chili Butt And Frito Face.


July 26, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

We had Frito chili pies for dinner last night. This morning, I’ve got some terribly painful gas and my face is greasy. It was so worth it. We also finished, finally, Angel. It was epic-ly terrible and awesome. It just seemed to be all over the place toward the end. But, Spike was there and he rocked it hard at the end. Poetry, man. Poetry.

Well, today is Monday. There is a new SModcast, a new XKCD, and a new photo of a kitten.

This is the final week of July. And then comes August. Or, like I enjoy calling it, the Birthday Month. There at least 14 people that I know whose birthday is in August. There is a stretch of about 5 days in the middle of the month where there are no birthdays. Those five days are like an oasis in the desert of birthdays. They really should pass legislation banning unprotected sex during the holidays. I mean look at me. I was conceived around the 4th of July and I turned out just fine. I’m just as normal as apple pie. Right?

Let’s see what Le Duke has in store for me today. Oh, goody. It appears as though we will going back to site of the brick wall demolition, and we will be removing the roof of a gazebo and re-plywood-ing after we remove the existing roof. Awesome. Maybe shoes are in order. I think that all of the metal and sledge hammering on Friday messed my hand up. It’s my right hand, so you would think that my being a left handed person, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Think again. Try opening a jar of anything with one hand. Trying carrying groceries with the hand that does not hurt and then discovering that you still have to open the door by turning a knob. Not to mention that, until I get my Fleshlight, my sex life is cut down by 16.67%. Lame.

Anywho, I need to go update my iPod and make a poop before work. Oh, I finally tapped into the 2 kilos of coffee, that Le Duke brought me from France, this morning. Heavenly. It takes me back to that cobblestone street in Cancon, me, Taco Planet, and Danny Royale smoking hand rolled cigarettes lit with matches, eating fresh bread, and tearing down cow-shit insulation from the 13th century castle walls. Ah, good times. Oh, sorry. Went for a little trip down memory lane. Um, yeah. Off to work. More soon. ~SC

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  1. And, Kelly’s birthday is on the 14th. So there is another one.

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