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July 17, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Last night P.L. and I had a couple of friends over for dinner. It was a relatively relaxed evening. Unfortunately, I did not get to bed until almost 1am. I then proceeded to get up at 6am because Le Duke is coming over at 8am and I wanted to ensure that I got to make a post this morning. I know how important it is for my readers to able to have their lives put into perspective first thing in the morning.

One totally awesome thing from last night is the appearance of my new Phone. Nicky the Cook has been meaning to bring me this Phone for a while now, and last night he brought it to me. Peep it:


You might be saying to yourself “That’s just an iPhone, big deal.” Well friends, think again. That is no iPhone. That is just a Phone. Isn’t it awesome?

Anyway, I successfully got most of the garage cleaned out, or rather, most of my stuff hidden elsewhere in the house, yesterday afternoon.

Holy crap this is difficult. Thinking and then typing. It is friggin’ exhausting. Maybe it is just the being out of bed part that is so exhausting. Whatever it is, it is stupid.

Today Le Duke and I are going to do the following to the area of the garage that will one day be my office:

1) Remove the existing drywall and insulation.

2)Remove the existing shelving units.

3) Frame up and build the new floor.

That will probably be as far as we get today, due to the heat and all. Operation B is supposed to show up around 9am to help. Awesome. Well, Ima go drink some more coffee and think about brewing some more. More soon. ~SC

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  1. I am soooo glad that you have your priorities straight. We cannot start our day without first checking with you to see where our day will take us. Enjoy the heat. It will be cold soon!!!!

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