Monday Is No Day Of Fun, Day.


July 19, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Someone left a Billy Madison quote as a comment on my most recent article on the City Wire. It is way too early to try and wrap my head around that. The weekend is now over and it has left me exhausted and befuddled. Also, I feel as though my skin has been rubbed down with slices of pepperoni. I feel icky.

Le Duke is not going to help me out in that department. Not today. There is more flooring to lay and more pots to glaze. Both of which will be done in the hot weather.

Why the crap am I not waking up?

I wish I had something interesting to tell you, but I don’t. I spent most of the weekend doing manual labor, or straightening up around the house, or playing Spirit Tracks. Nothing note worthy about that. I mean, I guess I could tell you about how I have enter the part of the game where you have to run a crap load of errands in order to get to the last level, but you would probably find that boring since I am the only person who is not a ten year old Japanese girl who is playing that game.

Operation B and I went to eat Chinese on Saturday after we finished working on the floor in my office and my fortune said “A small lucky package is on its way to you soon.”. I love small lucky packages on there way to me soon. How’d they know? Oh, you shouldn’t have.

Also, new SModcast and a new XKCD.

If you could see my eyes right now, they would probably look like hypnotizing spirals of buffalo wings. I just spent a few minutes looking at the Google image search results for “hypnotizing spirals of buffalo wings”. For some reason it was more comfortable using the word “swirls”. I don’t know how I feel about the new flash version of image search. I’m going to go work now. More soon. ~SC


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